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Review by GINA MM See Profile

  • Location: Granby,Hampshire,MA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "all they tell you are lies and its a scam"
Overall "the people you talk to over the phone are so clueless! and make up crap"
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1st Id like to start off by saying iv had to call direct tv 4 times in two days. I began by calling to sign up for direct tv. I spoke with a man who told me that I could get 150 channels and internet for $59.99 a month, with the free movies channels ( HBO, SHOWTIME, ect) for 3 montha. I thought that was a great deal. and plus I had a refer a friend and get 10 bucks off plus another 10 bucks off with my AAA membership. the man told me that id have to call a different number for the AAA discount cuz he was unable to do it. ok fine, not a big deal. I call the number, a woman answered and said she was unable to process it cuz she was the wrong department and mentioned that i could only use one discount at a time. so I called back the main number to talk to someone about it. she said she was able to give me both disounts. I thought great! that was easy to deal with. then she tells me i have to be charged $21.23 in order to use my AAA for the shipping, handling and processing. which is crap since they advertise everywhere that you dont have to pay for ANY of this. so whatever i agreed... the stupid lady charged me twice! so i had to call back and have them credit my account.

ok so now I call the number the 1st man I spoke with to have someone hook up my internet which is verizon, comes to find out that price he gave me DID NOT include the internet! it was another $30.00! plus tax and i also had to pay $44.00 for the modem and installation! AND i had to pay extra for a phone that i didnt want in the 1st place since i have a cell phone. I told the woman the issues iv had that day with direct tv. so she told me she would wave the $44.00 and she would put that in the comfirmation letter, so in the end of our coversation I mentioned about her putting it in the comfirmation letter and she said that the FEES were waved for that day so i didnt have to pay it that day but id get the bill in the mail! now correct me if im wrong but waiving a fee means i dont get charged! not delay the charge to a later date. need less to say with all this B.S I didnt go through with it. I went with charter instead where i dont need a phone.

The next day i called them back to ask them something about the mvoie package deals they advertised online, they told me the price, i mentioned id have 20 bucks off a month with my discounts. well now they are saying that i CANT have both!!!!!! after everything I went through with this company and the bad expeirence im cancling my cable as well!!!!!! I cant believe this place and how these employees all say something different and when I ask to speak with a supervisor or manager they wouldnt let me! she talked to them but had me on mute so i have no idea if she was even telling her boss my correct infomation. I am done with this company and i will NEVER reccomend them to anyone! On the AAA websiter its says you can use both discounts and dirct tv told me I could then I couldnt. they all have differnt stories and this is the worst company ever! I wish I read the reviwews before signing up. However atlease im not stuck in a contract! thats the only good thing coming out of my experience. VERY POOR customer service!

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Apache Junction, AZ

Should have done some research first...

Apparently everyone but you knows that DirectTV is just TV and doesn't include internet.

DirecTV uses Deceptive practices dealing with customers~!

Re: Should have done some research first...

The real issue here is that DirecTV "customer NO service" must be the worst customer NO service in ANY consumer business period.

I was a good customer, paid with autopay, and fulfilled my two year contract to the T. When I called to cancel it was an absolute nightmare, and was THE WORST customer NO service I have EVER dealt with in ANY business in my entire 30 years of dealing with customer service reps

Re: DirecTV uses Deceptive practices dealing with customers~!

Direct TV expects me to pay for a refund check that I never received. When I cancelled my service, Direct TV overbilled me by more than $500. I thought my credit card protected me by reversing the charge. When they did that, Direct TV claims to have issued a check for the overcharge. Now, I am supposed to repay them for this "error" even though I have never received this check. On Jan. 23, this check had not been cashed and I suggested that they stop payment. They claimed that they could not do that. The best they could do is reissue the check in 60 days, but in the meantime I should pay the amount that I "owe" them. Now, the check has supposedly been cashed and I can call in 10 days to find out the results of their research, but in the meantime, I should pay the bill they invented.