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Review by karenarnold See Profile

  • Location: Lewisville,Denton,TX
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They were extermely late. I had to keep calling them when they were not there at promised times. They did not want to give me advertised discounts and then overcharged me for first three months. When I disconnected my service after 6 months fee was $360.00 I set up payment arrangements and started meeting monthly payments after two months I started receiving calls from a collection agency. They had failed to tell me if not paid in full within two months this would happen. Collection agency is very rude and even though you are making payments to them as well they call every two days. If not paid within 1 month it will go against your credit.

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Apache Junction, AZ

I wouldn't pay them anything!

karenarnold, it's people like you that encourage them to try to get away with stuff like this! If they tried to overcharge me at the beginning I wouldn't pay they anymore until it was all straightened out. I certainly wouldn't pay them anything after it was cancelled!

If they want to harass you then...

you need to harass them. Have a lawyer write a brief letter indicating that they have violated their terms and that you will see them in court. The best thing for you is that it is pretty clear that they were REFUSING to act in good faith when it came to the terms of your agreement. Also inform them that you will contacting the state attorney general, the BBB, and the local TV station about your situation. That needs to be sent Certified Return Receipt Requested to be opened only by the CEO of the company.

You will get a quick and satisfactory resolution for your trouble.

Pleasanton, CA

Price increase from DIRECTV

I noticed that on my March DIRECTV bill, there is a fee increase over the February bill with no service change. So I called just to find out the reason for the increase. I was told that DIRECTV had a review of their service and decided that in order to maintain the quality and the level of service, they need to adjust the Choice Xtra plan to Xtra plan with a fee increase. In addition to that, there is a $5.00 (22.5%) increase of Advance Receiver monthly rental fee. So, I asked them that if they were allowed to increase the price, would we, the customers, be able to terminate the contract prior to the two-year term? This is the 6th month using their service and I have already seen a 22.5% increase on the existing equipment alone, what change should I expect for the rest of the contract term. They told me that I could not terminate the plan before the two year term was up. If I do, I will be billed at a prorated service fee. So I asked to speak to the supervisor. He advised me that my basic service plan fee will not change for 12 mos, the price increase was caused by the $5 increase of Advance Receiver Rental fee ($25 now vs. $20 before). I argued that the receiver is hardware, sitting there in my house being depreciated at an accelerated pace day after day. How in the world can the 22.5% rental fee increase over 6 month period be justified? I encourage everyone to take a look at your new bill to see whether this price change has affected you. The important thing is not about $5 price difference, is about the contractual principles. The terms should be binding to both parties. Any price increase should be reasonable (new equipment or added service). I am surprised that no one has sued DIRECTV for such kind of business conduct.



Re: Price increase from DIRECTV

My bill goes up every single month. Usually around $7/month. The first year, it stayed the same every month, and the second year, my bill has doubled and has new stuff on it I did not add. Also, they told me that because I got a new box when I moved (which when I asked the people at set-up they said no) they automatically added another year to my contract. I specifically asked them at set-up and they said no. Now, no matter how many supervisors I speak to, its the same: too bad. They said when you change anything you automatically have another year added. Even if I want to lower my plan since its astronomical now. I thought Insight was bad...

for the record the price increase took affect on EVERYONE that has an advanced reciever, it is also in the directv contract that it is subject to change as far as price goes. it is binding on both sides. you are more than capable to read the contract before signing up and and know what youre getting into before hand


direct tv is horrible!!! they steal your money! don't even think in signing a contract with them. Literally they will steal your money