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Review by WhyMe420 See Profile

  • Location: Birmingham,Jefferson,AL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Excellent HD quality, tons of HD channels, fast receivers, great DVR, lots of freebies"
Bad "Receiver fees"
Overall "DISH Network is GREAT, beats the hell outta Charter TV"
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I've had DISH Network for years and they've never let me down. Contrary to what cable drones will tell you, my signal is 99% reliable. Actually, I have found it is more reliable than both Charter and U-verse.

HD picture quality is a LOT better than U-verse, and a bit better than Charter. DISH has almost just as many HD channels as U-verse, and WAY more than Charter.

Their pricing is great, promotional prices are great, and they give out tons of free premium channels. So far I have gotten nearly a year of free HD Platinum (premium HD tier,) a year of free Starz, 3 months free HBO/Showtime, 1 month free Cinemax, plus, they give free previews every month of tons of great channels.

I also LOVE their external hard drive functionality. I have well over 1200 recordings on them and that alone will keep me with DISH for many years to come. I love how I can just use my spare HDDs (ones I take out of my PC as I upgrade them) to store tons of TV shows and movies.

I have AT250 plus premiums and free HD for life, but I have set a couple of other people up with DISH Family, costs them as low as $20 per month. It's typically around $25 per month.

My only complaint, is RECEIVER FEES. They're a little ridiculous, but, it's still overall cheaper for me than U-verse, Charter & DirecTV.

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