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Review by isp10002 See Profile

  • Location: Burbank,Wayne,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great selection of channels, available everywhere, Alot of HD channels"
Bad "Bad phone support, losing signal during storms, Overpriced Equipment."
Overall "Great service, great selection of channels, expensive in some areas."
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I have had dish since I moved in 7 years ago, and service is great. I have the top 200 package from them and have 2 receivers which are both the vip 722k, my monthly bill from them is about $100 dollars a month which I think is alot just for two receivers. The only time the TV gos out is when there is a bad storm, or if there are a lot of clouds above the satellite dish. I plan on staying with dish in till I move. There block buster and on demand isn't that great really and it costs 6 dollar for a on demand movie which is a bit high really. I have my hd tv connected to the 722k and the picture quality is great. The bad item is you can't connect the second tv through hd, For that you would have to get the hopper, which I'm not going to fish $200 dollars out of my pocket for. I noticed dish does not have alot of hd channels, they are only on the major channels. I have had one incident when we replaced our old standard definition tv to a hd tv, and the remote wouldn't work at all, we called dish and the tech said it's probably a problem with the remote, we argued over the phone about this and the tech would not send out a tech out, so after arguing a I had no choice but to let them ship me the new remotes, it took 2 weeks for the remotes to get to me and guess what the tech was Wrong! We had to use the receiver buttons to navigate through the channels for 2 weeks. So we called them out again and sent them back the remotes, the person on the phone said, they would send a tech out in a few days people (sigh), so a few days later the tech came and moved the antenna around and put some lines on splitters, and that fixed the problem after waiting 3 weeks almost, never listen to those people on the phone, but so far the service from dish has been great. I would recommend dish to people who can't get cable.

Update: We recently upgraded to the Hopper Dvr system. So far i am very thrilled with it. Bad thing is the equipment fees are alot, im paying 15$ more each month then when i had the 722k. If you are willing to pay some extra money for a great dvr and pretty good service with alot of hd channels, go for dish. We have 1 hopper, 3 joeys for 4 tvs, when we used to have the 722k we had 2 Recievers for 4 tvs. The hopper equipment has alot of features on it and has a great UI, when we used to have the old 722k we had only a few Hd channels. Now for some reason 80% of the channels now are HD. Dish has proved them selves with this dvr, its worth the money if you want to spend quite a bit of money for good service. We pay about 120$ now when we used to pay $105.

Install: The tech was very nice and polite, and told us everything about it and told us to watch the hopper channel for more information. Install took about 2 hours.

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