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Review by Rob2647 See Profile

  • Location: Rochester,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $145 per month
  • Install: about 16 days
Good "Fast Internet, Great SD-TV Picture, TH-DVR, Affordable, Feature Rich, And not a bundled price!"
Bad "Now capped internet, no DVR capacity expandability."
Overall "Good alternative to the cable giants, and no contract!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Initial review (9/2008):

Decided to make the switch from Comcast, to AT&T U-verse. I can say I was happy with the decision. Getting the same channels(U200 package), if not a few more than what Comcast offered. My other option for internet would have been ADSL and going back to DirecTV, which worked great when we did have it for TV.

Ordered the Max internet(10down/1.5up) Getting within 500k of advertised speeds, not bad being about 1500 feet from the VRAD. I noticed the connection seems a little bit more snappy off the line, sort of speak than Comcast was. Pings times are very similar to my old cable connection too.

Install process was scheduled for 2 weeks from the day I placed the order was due to available install date, and my own schedule between work, and a weekend trip I had already planned. The install took about 2.5 hours. Had to rewire the main phone line in the NID, after the installer spent about 15-20mins at the VRAD making his connections. Reused the 2 year old Comcast installed RG6 coax to 2 of the 3 TV's in the house and to the modem/router or Residential Gateway(RG). I assisted the installer in cleanly running the third coax to the third TV, which was no big deal.

The RG is 2wire, and each TV box including the DVR are Motorola boxes. Never had a DVR with Comcast, so this was a major deciding factor in switching to U-verse, besides the 10/1.5 internet. The only downside that cable fanatics will tear on right away is that U-verse currently can run 4 SD-TV's or 2 HD-TV's all at once. No big deal for us, since all our TV's are standard def, and we only have three.

In all, everything is working well. My Vonage line is working great with U-verse too(Linksys PAP2 v2 adapter). Only today there was a brief hiccup with the service, lasted less than a minute and the RG reconnected without having to be power cycled like a cable modem would of have to been.

Had no need to call tech support, I can usually handle most of my issues on my end without any problems. And U-verse is not bundled or locks you into any contract. Which is A+ in my book.


Been having intermittent service interruptions that last under a minute each time. Only happens at most a couple times a day. Gets annoying while watching TV. I believe it to be a issue with the gateway. Need to get a tech out to swap it out. Besides that, things are going well. Still debating whether or not to keep the TV after the first month.


Tech came out a last Thursday and ran his battery of tests on my end. Still finds no issues. I showed the tech the stats in the gateway. After he calls his tech support line, he swaps out the gateway for another. That seemed to fix the issue mostly. Still getting the random DSL Link Retrain. I"m about ready to schedule another tech visit and show them the detailed system log I found in the gateway after the last tech visit. Still willing to get the bugs worked out, because I refuse to go back to Comcast and deal with their slow capped and crippled service.

On the bright side, the Total Home DVR is now available to me, since last Friday 9/26. It works quite well, no need to fight over the TV with the DVR to watch our recordings.


Finally got a line tech, 2 actually in one day, to come out and check out the lines. The first noticed 3 minor things that could have been causing a problem. He cleaned that all up. So far so good. My RG's stats page is looking much better than before. I think it's all ironed out this time. Both line techs noted that I'm getting a very strong signal. The second line tech thinks I should have the RG connected by Cat5 instead of RG6. But from reading on the forums, and reviews here either works fine. The techs were happy to see that I was willing to work with them to get the issues fixed, because there was no way in heck I was going back to Comcast.

I updated the monthly cost. It's a dollar less than what we were paying with Comcast. but we have a third TV hooked up, a DVR, faster internet(was on 6/1.5 w/Comcast), and total home DVR for nearly the same price. Plus got the first month free, and $200 bucks cash back. Still a great deal.


Everything still running great, TV and internet. No further issues with the service randomly dropping out. Decided not to switch to U-voice. Still keeping our current VOIP service for the time being.


It's been a while and I'd figured it was time for an update. Everything still running solid ever since the line tech paid a visit. Have found no reason to upgrade to the Max18 internet speed tier. Max10 is working great, still consistent speed wise. Ping times are still similar to what I saw with Comcast. U200 for the TV is been plenty for us. THDVR is very nice. All in all still pleased with U-verse. The only downside is the bandwidth caps they want to slap on the service. At this time they are only testing it in 2 markets. Thankfully not mine, yet. Once again still keeping our current VOIP service for the time being.


New year, new update! Everything still going great. I think the ping times have gotten a little lower then since when I originally signed up. Not leaps and bounds but easily below 50ms on 2 MI speedtest.net servers. Still on 10/1.5 tier and U200 Also enjoying the Weather On Demand service. Great for former Comcast customers that were used to Weatherscan. Still rockin the Vonage VOIP too. Additional STB fees recently raised from 5 to 7 bucks. So I updated my approximate monthly cost.


Still going strong. No issues, no outages. Rock solid service! Figured I'd post a brief update with a speed test result. Ping times are looking good too.


AT&T bumped up the download speed of the Max10 tier to 12megs. Still the lowly 1.5 upload. Would like to see the upload double to 3megs, but the 1.5 has been a workhorse when needed. On the TV side, still on the U200 package. Nothing on the TV side to worry about. Still a solid service. Finally I uploaded the latest speed test result. Enjoy.


Just got the update to the TH-DVR, now can manage and record shows to the DVR from any STB in the house. The interface has been improved. Weather On Demand, and the Ubar loads and displays faster than before. The 12meg internet has been solid, seeing 11.5 down on speed tests. Posted the latest speedtest.net results. See attachment.


Nearly a year later, still like the service. Just recently got the Mediashare feature which in nice. Been experiencing momentary TV freezes. A little fed-up with the techs on the phone and the in home techs thinking it's something wrong inside the house. Now got the RG running on RJ-11 which I'm not 100% convinced that it's better than running it on RG6. Need to get a tech to call out a line tech to go through the outside line thoroughly. I'm looking forward to getting that fixed. Also recently upgraded to the U300 TV package for 1 extra dollar month for 6 months.


The TV freezing issue continued for more than a month since the last update. A little rant about it in a thread in the Uverse forum here seemed to have got something done. The thousands of corrected blocks in the gateway stats and the tv freezing has stopped for the past 20+ hours. The service still has been good otherwise. Nothing has changed. Ping tests look good too.


AT&T re-synced my gateway recently to the new 32/5 profile for the new 24/3 internet package. Looking into any promotions on upgrading to the 24/3 tier. Will keep this updated if I make the jump. Still had the random tv freezing issue, it continued again shortly after my last update. But have not done it in a few days now, maybe it's been solved. Overall still a great value.


Moved to a new location back in June 2010 Signed up for U-verse at the new location. Everything has been smooth sailing for the past 8 months. The TV freezing issue at my old address had to have been the old DVR. After the move I had to return the old equipment. At my new address got all the same Motorola STB's like I had at the old address. Still for the price and features it can't be beat. On the 12/1.5 internet at the new address to and the U200 TV package. Seeing the same speed and ping test results as before.


Sadly the internet service is going to be capped by the end of April 2011 I'm NOT going to jump ship UNLESS it becomes a problem. Then again I don't know how I feel about supporting companies that force unnecessary UBB practices on it's customers. This is a prime example of a greedy company getting too big for their own good. This is part of the reason why I ditched Comcast. On another note, still waiting for the ability to expand DVR capacity. But I'm very doubtful AT&T will offer that feature. I'm now a less pleased U-verse customer recently, thank the impending caps. Bottom line has changed from being a "great alternative" to a "good alternative". Also updated my total monthly charges.


I noticed on U-verse Realtime that the VDSL total was TV and Internet combined. For the month of April I've only used approx. 12GB on Internet alone. Good thing they don't cap the TV, that alone is already at 250GB for the month. Also a side note, since our move and getting new boxes last year, the DVR we got it the newer Motorola with the larger capacity.


Still on the U200 TV pkg, and 12/1.5 internet pkg. Still get the speeds and pings seen in the attachments below. Everything was going good until the Phase 3 update that allows pause and playback of live TV on STB's other than the DVR. Nice, ALTHOUGH now the STB's are all laggy. And sadly my DVR lost a recording recently. Don't know how this happened. Was not deleted by anyone in house. So, maybe AT&T will fix this issue. One can only hope.

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