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Review by hitachi369 See Profile

  • Location: Grand Rapids,Kent,MI
  • Cost: $130 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Price, Speed, and Quality"
Bad "Horrible Install"
Overall "If you can get a tech to show up, you will enjoy it."
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I had my service originally scheduled to be installed on 10/27. The tech called me up and said there was an issue. I guess my DSL didn't get cancelled. He had to cancel that install attempt. Some nice lady called up and rescheduled. I thought all was well.

On 11/2 we try for round two. This time the DSL was canceled a-ok. But the tech never showed or called for the appt. I call the 800# they say yeah you were on the books for an install. No idea why your tech is a no go. You can call dispatch and they will find him for you. So they transfer me over to dispatch and give me there number. I get over easy enough but then there is just dead air. I wait for 30 minutes, thinking I must be lost in a queue somewhere I hang up and call back.


Now when I call they tell me they are too busy, call back later. WTF. At this point the install fool is 45 minutes late. I call the 800# again. Get another nice person. She’s like I'll wait on hold with you for dispatch or call you back. I'm cool with waiting. So again the dead air starts. I'm not going to give up at this point. I wait for 45 minutes, getting PISSED now I get another phone line. Call up the 800# and lay into the poor fool who picked up. She's like let me check another system, she flat out lies to me and say my install chap Gerry is at the cross connect box. Ok... So I start walking down the street to the cross connect box.

While walking to cross connect box original chick whom I’ve been on hold with comes on the line, I start walking back home, Gerry wasn't there, and she has this magic dispatch on the line who I is apparently like trying to get a hold of the Pope. They explain they tried calling the install guy; he’s not picking up the phone. They are going to try his manager. Back on hold I go. They come back saying an install ran over. They don’t know when he will be done. (Someone’s install went over 4-2 hours?) I'm like I can't wait at home all day for someone not to show up. They schedule another appt.

So round 3, I make sure to schedule early in the AM so I have all day to bitch and wait on hold. This time the tech actually shows up. DAMN a holy miracle. She seems reality competent and is able to finish up. So here i am with MAX 10 and U200 service. All is well so far.

A few years later everything is going well, less the biannual price increases. My only disappointment is that I lose TV and internet anytime there is an electrical storm. I now also have HD and the picture quality on HD is somewhat lacking with the compression easily seen for sports or fast moving environments. I am also disappointed on the internet side because they are now metering connections, once they start billing for overages I am going to switch to Comcast.

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I like what U-Verse offers except when things go wrong. Unfortunately they can't seem to keep the service going in our neighborhood if the power goes out. However, they (or someone from AT&T) provides a power truck to sit at the station that provides service two streets up from us. They never lose their internet/TV. Even having a generator is no good it you need WiFi./TV When you try to talk to someone at U-Verse, if you can understand them to begin with, all they will say is "we don't do that and I have served you well?" They have no tech answers and are just a bodies answering phones. The supervisors, if you can get one on the phone, speak no better and are rude. I guess they figure if you get frustrated enough with them you'll just hang up and they don't have to deal with the customer. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! And good luck trying to find a website where you can voice a complaint.



ATT Uverse

So I requested AT&T U-Verse, since they called me and told me I had service in my area. My install date was 9/7. They came out to my house and was unable to install due to an site issue not related to my home. They left and didn't give me any details. I had to call to find out that it had been assigned to an engineer and that an engineer would be in touch with me. A few days later, I had not heard anything from any engineer. I called into AT&T 9/12 to find out that they are unable to install because the service is not available in my area. Hello??? They called me and offered me service. To make it worse, since I was assured that I would be getting the new U-Verse service, I had my internet, Road Runner, scheduled for disconnection 3 days after my U-Verse was scheduled to be turned on. Now I have zero internet service and have to back track to restore my old service, and AT&T could careless about the unnecessary frustration they caused me. I'm now on hold to speak to a manager to cancel my phone service, becuase I want nothing to do with this company ever. Did I mention I went through the same thing last year when they said service was in my area????



Re: ATT Uverse

I had the exact same thing happen to me, but the jerkoff that came to install it, took out the original cable lines, before figuring out, they couldn't service my street. So like you, I, had to call them to find out, id been "denied" . Then found out I was going to get charged by a new cable provider, to re-install the cables AT&T pulled out for no apparent reason. Their customer service is a joke and that's if you actually get someone who you can understand. I'm telling everyone who will listen that AT&T Sucks!!!