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Review by dustman81 See Profile

  • Location: Tallmadge,Summit,OH
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 13 days
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12/8/08 - After TWC raised my rate, I went "enough!' and canceled. I signed up with Uverse with the installation scheduled for 12/20.

I ordered the U200 + HD + 1.5MB DSL + 1 additional box for $99

12/20/08 - Rob who is my installer, called me around 12:30 to let me know he was on his way. He shows up about 1:00 to let me now that he was going to work on the VRAD. A couple of hours later, he comes back with the RG, DVR and STB to get them hooked up. He tried placing the RG in my computer room, which is where I preferred it, but he was unable to get sync on that phone jack. He then placed the RG in the living room, where after some rewiring of the phone jack, he was able to get sync.

The DVR is plugged in via Cat5, the second STB is via coax. I asked him if he could run Cat5 to the computer room so I could hook up my desktop, VoIP and printer. He left a Cat5 cable, but without RJ-45 jacks. He said he didn't have any ends or a crimper. He did drill holes to get a cable into the room.

I have the 2HD/2SD profile with 25216 down/ 2048 up. The RG provided is a 2Wire 3800HGV-B. The DVR and STB are Motorola. The DVR is running ver 1.6.5686.1. The Whole House DVR is working. I had to configure the DVR to output in 1080i for my HDTV.

Testing my internet speed on, I am getting 1442/942, which is to be expected as I ordered the 1.5 MB package.

SD channels look a lot better than they did on TWC. HD channels look good, too.

My installer called 1/2 hour after he left to make sure my stuff was still working.

Other than the issue with the Cat5 cable, things went pretty smoothly. More channels and whole house DVR make it worth it for me.

1/09/09 - I called Uverse sales and was able to get $10 off for the next 6 months. Checking the max sync on the RG, I'm capable of getting 40 MB/sec, but am capped at 25 MB/sec.

7/09/09 - THDVR Phase II was pushed out to both of my STBs, so now I can set and delete records from any STB in the house

9/25/09 - Had to cancel Uverse as I moved to a house where Uverse was not available. I'll miss the service as it was cheaper than cable and had WHDVR

4/26/11 - Checking AT&T's website, I found out my house is now in a Uverse serviced area. I placed my order for HSI only and request self-install. $24.95 for 6 Megs down. Service is supposed to be activated on 5/3.

4/28/11 - Got my DSL modem (Motorola 2210-02-1ATT) and Linksys E1000 wireless router via UPS 2nd Day air. It stated right on the packing slip that it's IP-DSLAM, meaning it's the ADSL2+ variation of Uverse.

5/5/11 - After having the line tech fix a problem with the local loop and me replacing a phone jack, my DSL is alive. I'm getting 6Mb down.

6/17/11 - Checking the online ordering site, I saw that 12Mb had become available at my address. I placed my order and it was live within five minutes. However, I'm only syncing at 8.5Mb. If it doesn't ramp-up to 12Mb in the next 10 days, I'm dropping back to 6Mb. At least it comes with a $5 a month discount for upgrading. I've got a Cat6 homerun straight to the NID, so I know it's not the wiring.

6/20/11 - The technician came in and said that I'm too far to get 12Mb. I called into tech support and turns out I should have never been offered 12Mb. They did however give me 6Mb for $19.95 a month for one year.

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