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Review by Hagar See Profile

  • Location: Sunnyvale,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Faster than DSL and I can fax over VOIP"
Bad "Sales info and Web sites plus RG buffer bloat"
Overall "Not stuck at DSL speeds anymore"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Update 8/11 2013

Well I think I solved my buffer bloat issues. My upload latency under load is now 180ms. New CeroWrt version and 12/1.5 Mb instead of 6/1 Mb got me the improvements.

No caps in my area, I hope it stays that way.

I am unhappy about the fees for the RG. It is not the money it is that I have to pay for IMHO a lousy device that is locked down so I cannot configure it to my liking. I have no choice of getting a different device buy vs. rent etc. If no choice then include it in the price of the service.

Update 9/3/2012

I fixed my upload buffer latency, used to be 1400ms is now 480ms. Put a router on the LAN side hack the ethernet buffers to be tiny plus implement QOS so the RG buffers are never full

Update 06/26/2011
I dropped Uverse voice, mainly to prepare to leave AT&T when the caps get implemented. Much easier to move broadband only than combined services.

I am also unhappy with latency under load. I get 1300 -1400 ms up which is terrible. I suspect the RG which I have no control over. Now looking for low latency, uncapped or reasonable pay for usage provider.

Update 12/20/2010
I am on my 3rd RG. Suddenly I got bad VOIP voice quality and I got a new RG that solved the issue. Later I got an intermittent dead VOIP (had to reset RG to get VOIP to work). Went on the direct forum and was quickly taken care of and got a new RG that solved the problem. Internet was working all the time.
I use to be a frequent visitor to the VOIP tech forum but I have not since I got U-verse voice, it just works.

Internet has been very solid but DNS server are slower that I would like. No caps yet can only hope they never come

It is very difficult to find out information before you buy, AT&T web sites are awful but that why we like dslreports. Web ordering failed and I had to call to place my order.

I had to reschedule install because of my travel so that delayed the install. They did not show up on time 3 hours late but that is what I expected.

They did not have to do anything in the house already had dedicated cat5 to modem/gateway etc. They were done in about 2 hours.

I dropped TV since I was not interested in that so I only have broadband + VOIP. Stupid that you have to order TV to get free install. I had been stuck with 768/385 DSL because I was too far away for better speed. I was ready to go to Comcast for better speed.

Had broadband speed problems that turned out to be my issues. Level 2 helped me track down that problem fast and efficient. Took some patience to get to level 2 but that is to be expected.

No broadband issues or VOIP issues since then (2 months) and as a bonus AT&T officially supports fax over VOIP. Fax seam to go at a lower speed but that is not a problem for me as long as it works.

Very happy as long as we do not get caps.

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