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Review by poolek See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Stable speeds, stable service, internet only now..."
Bad "no wireless n in the gateway. Caps."
Overall "Not perfect - but probably good enough"
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable

And I'm back. TWC was great for a while, but I started having random disconnects that could not be resolved. I moved back to Uverse in search of a stable connection.

The installer was great (Curtis R.) professional and courteous. I told him the issues I was having with TWC, so he ran a new cat5e line, including the wall drop, to ensure we'd removed all of the legacy infrastructure to ensure a quality connection. The setup was quick and easy, and I had no issues getting the 24/3 package. We don't use pay tv, so I can't comment on that.

I'm surprised at how poor the AT&T 'gateway' is. To sell a product in 2012 that doesn't support Wireless N, and doesn't allow 'real' bridging - is sad. The modem is also huge. I disabled the wireless function on the gateway and set up my own access point, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Speeds are fine - I typically test around 23 down 2.8 up. TWC was faster (30/5 package), but in real life use it's not noticeable. What is noticeable is the stability. After a couple of months of dealing with random reboots and disconnects from TWC, it's been nice to have my VPN stay connected to my office for 5 straight days.

I don't like the idea of supporting caps. Unfortunately, I don't have much choice though.


I canceled the service a few months back when ATT started implementing broadband usage caps. I had no issues with the service, it worked fine and was stable - but I initially went from TWC to ATT due to TWC's plans to cap, and found myself in the reverse situation. The best response I can give is to vote with my wallet, so I did. I'm not a heavy user and the 250gb cap would be something I'd rarely exceed - but I still don't like the idea. So back to TWC for me.


I canceled the TV portion of UVerse a few months back. No issue with the service - the quality was fine and the DVR functions were improved over time (and we just stopped missing some of the features of the Dish and Tivo boxes). We just weren't watching TV enough to justify the expense, so we joined the mythical cult of the 'cord cutters' and went with a OTA based solution.

We've kept the Internet service through UVerse. It's worked fine - I'm on the 12/1.5 package and it's been stable, quick enough for my use, and a reasonable price. I do wish the gateway had wireless-n built in, but that's about it.

**original review**

When TWC announced 'Metered Billing' tests in my home in Austin, I decided the best way I could vote against the idea was to cancel service with them. I was subscribed to the 'Turbo' package, which was a 20/2 package - primarily for the upload speed (lots of VPN, voip, online backup and photo/video uploads). I was using Dish Network for TV service, using their VIP 622 device.

I checked for options and saw I was in a Uverse area. I signed up online and scheduled an install a week later. The installer showed up on time, installed the system in about 3 hours (1 tv, had to re-run some cables) and everything was up and running. Installer was very professional and knowledgeable. I went with the U200 package and the 6/1 Internet package.

Internet speed is fine. I'm at about 1/2 the average throughput up and down that I had with the TWC Turbo service, but the 1mb/s upload is enough for me the balance the demands I have. The service has been stable, though I haven't used it long enough to really say. The 2Wire gateway works well - though not super configurable (ex: can't change DNS) - I can always switch back to my Linksys router if needed, though. I am seeing lots of 'corrected blocks' in the statistics, but nothing that seems to impact qualit of service.

The DRV is just ok. Compared to the Dish 622 it's lacking. Compared to Tivo it's really lacking. It's functional, but that's about about it. No ability to limit the number of episodes to keep. No ' Wishlist' to record by keyword. The 30 second skip is actually a 30 second 'slide' with no queuing.

Picture quality is pretty good. (I'm no videophile - just 1 32" HD LCD) SD channels are substantially better than Dish. HD is a toss up. Sometimes it looks better, sometimes Dish looks better, Compared to OTA (which the 622 integrates nicely), Uverse is noticeably softer - but it's still completely watchable.

End result, I'm definitely keeping it for Internet - screw TWC and their desire to 'educate' me. 90% sure I'm keeping it for TV. I don't like the DVR as much, and it actually costs a bit more than Dish - but the channel line up is better and I think the platform has a ton of potential that will manifest itself in the next few years (though I'd like to see FTTP, compression technology and pair bonding will likely more than suffice for this single TV household).

I was happy to cancel TWC - even after they backed off the Metered Billing in Austin.

I hate to think TWC's arrogant approach to billing will end up costing Dish a customer, though. I have no reason to complain about their service or pricing, and their DVR is way ahead of anything else I've used save Tivo.

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