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Review by cowboyro See Profile

  • Location: Shelton,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $136 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Quick channel switching, whole house DVR, fast internet"
Bad "Picture is bad lately since they added the 3rd simultaneous HD stream"
Overall "I'm looking into switching."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Update Sep-2012:

Over the past few months, after adding the 3rd HD stream the picture is bad (at least for me, my wife doesn't seem to care). Way too compressed, motion artifacts, etc etc. Too bad, I really liked it before, but now it looks like I will switch. My gateway syncs at high enough speed, so it's not a line end issue. Picture is not corrupted so it's not a data issue - just the quality at which it is encoded.

Update Dec-2011:

Two years later it only got better. The DVR interface is actually usable now. Ability to record, pause, FF and rewind from a non-DVR box is awesome!

One thing I noticed sometimes is that all records just disappear sometimes from the list when browsing from a non-DVR box and they start being re-listed (sllloooowwwwlllyyy) few seconds later.

I would have liked the ability to re-map the channels and only show HD if the HD version is available (it is for most), and for recordings to be able to toggle between HD/SD if both versions are available.


Original review:

I had my eyes on U-Verse for some time as my Comcast promotion ended. The visit of a AT&T sales rep brought some answers I was looking for.

I wanted the appointment for a Saturday, apparently they don't do installs on Saturdays. Settled for Wednesday, I took a day off and.... they missed it. An angry call revealed the fact that they will do installs on Saturday if you threaten to cancel.

The good:

The tech who came seemed surprisingly knowledgeable. The installation went smooth, but I had my house pre-wired with CAT-6. The tech suggested replacing the wiring from the VRAD to my house and one day I found new wires... can't complain. The maximum sync he could get was 50M, absolutely enough to accommodate my 18M internet.

Picture quality is awesome and channels switch really fast. The whole-house DVR is great. Internet works as expected.

The bad:

Channels lineup is a mess. Would have been great to have an option to re-map channel numbers (saving favorites is a work-around). You can't start/schedule a recording from a non-DVR box, though you can do it from a browser... absolutely retarded.

The router can't map a port to a particular IP, just to machines that use DHCP or have a visible static IP. While it's good for the average Joe, if you have a more advanced network it just doesn't cut it.

The packages are somewhat expensive, Comcast offers more for the same price although it is overall a crappier service in my area.

Bottom line: I'm sticking with it. I'll run some more reliability tests for internet and make a decision whether I keep the internet or go with Comcast for internet-only (speeds are very comparable and there is talk about metered billing in the future). At least I have a fall-back option...

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