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Review by real_goose See Profile

  • Location: Grosse Pointe,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Reasonably priced Internet"
Bad "need box for each TV, missing many locals compared to Comcast"
Overall "Internet now about the same price as Comcast"
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Years ago I had ISDN from Michigan Bell which was terrible. I had other reasons to distrust ATT but Comcast has been terrible to deal with as well. I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is been to deal with ATT billing and sales. I've avoided calling them for years, but they seem much easier to deal with now that they have real competition.

My desire is to cut costs. At some point I may go entirely to over-the-air TV supplemented by Hulu type services from the Internet. Comcast increases the price of Internet service without cable service so I was looking for an alternative. Comcast Economy tier is $24.95 + $3 modem rental for 1Mb/384Kb versus U-verse Pro $30 for 3/1Mb. (Without cable Comcast is $39.95.) So for $2.05 extra per month I get Internet service roughly 3 times as fast.

I ordered Pro and U200 to try out the DVR and get free install. The DVR is easy to use and I like the preview of the channel I was tuning. Two major issues were the pricey boxes for each connected TV and missing local feeds. The local PBS station has 3 digital feeds and we watch the Create feed quite a bit over the air and on Comcast digital. None of the local extra digital feeds are carried on U-verse. It was painless to call and cancel U-verse TV.

The install took about 90 minutes. I had already run Cat-5 for the TV because I wanted it fished through walls. I had rerun Cat-3 from the NID to my central wiring point. I had called U-verse technical support with the assumption that DSL filters would be used. I asked them a couple of different ways to get more details on wiring since it would be nearly impossible to add DSL filters to some of my phones. All they would tell me was the installer would decide where to place DSL filters. I was surprised to find that only filter would be in the NID. I really wish I could've gotten better information before the install because it would've saved me some work.

The RG labeled 3800HGV-B Gateway is working very well. Even from the basement, it has great wireless coverage. The major missing features for me are no way to specify use of OpenDNS for the network, no DynDNS client, and no QOS. None of these are show stoppers and I can fix them all by adding my own router; but I'm in no rush to do so and add something else to the mix. I had no trouble adding SIP port mapping to my Asterisk PBX with a static address. VOIP calls are great. 3/1 'feels' fast enough for us. I've downloaded a couple of ISO images in reasonable times and my wife is not complaining about slow net surfing.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that ATT still had Usenet news servers (minus binaries) but those servers will be removed by July 15. I have yet to take advantage of WIFI roaming but that may be useful. Unlike Comcast, I can't turn off service while I'm away and avoid paying but I could certainly downgrade to the lowest service level to save something.

So after about 30 days, I am happy with my Internet switch to U-verse and will be keeping it. Lack of the locals I watch is a fatal flaw for U-verse TV.

4/3/2010 Before the price increases this year I switched to Elite 6Mbps Internet for $35/month. The price increased to $40 plus $3 for equipment, but I am still being billed $35. If these or worse future prices increases hit me, I would consider going back to Comcast. I find service reliable even when we have 2 Netflix streams going.

11/24/2010 My Internet only price has stayed at $35/month with no other charges. I can not make any changes or the price will certainly increase. I am still very happy with how reliably it works. Netflix, VOIP calls, and big downloads all work fine.

6/2011 My Internet price did increase to $40/month. When travel, it is not possible to put Internet on vacation plan because we don't have TV. Starting to consider returning to Comcast.

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