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Review by caseywor See Profile

  • Location: Orlando,Orange,FL
  • Cost: $125 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "In my past experience, set top box is responsive, channels change quickly."
Bad "Installation Coordination, in the past, tech support"
Overall "It seems that when you live somewhere with no other choice, they act accordingly"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Value for money:
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I am completely rewriting this review as I am now again becoming a U-Verse customer in a new location after a few years of not having the service. I am not live yet, due to AT&T now communicating with me as they should. I will add to this post as time goes on.

Packages: U350 and 18Mbps – included, and mandatory, in utilities from complex for $110, about $15 extra a month as I have ordered it - $10 Hi Def and $5 for 24Mbps


So far, in my new location, the experience has been bad. I was scheduled for an installation today from 9:00 am – 11:00 am EDT in my new apartment I Orlando, FL. After they didn’t show up within appointment window, I called only to find out that my appointment had been cancelled due to an line tech finding a problem “on the outside’ on the previous day and telling dispatch to have me reschedule. The problem is that AT&T never called me to do so, so I was expecting an installation today that never occurred. I am rescheduled for next Saturday since I am starting a new job on Monday and can’t take off work to get this done during the week.

Updates to come once I am finally able to go live. I am kind of thinking it may be a bad thing to have moved into a complex that had U-Verse as its only choice. Will just have to spend a week using a Sprint MiFi air card and an antenna for TV.

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I didn't even get the service installed. The saleswoman who stopped by our house a couple weeks ago painted a picture of complete home entertainment bliss, HD this and wireless that tremendous internet speeds, and a monthly savings to the amount of a dinner out every month. When the installer showed up and started unhooking my Directv my wife called me at work, I asked her why he was unhooking the Directv, as we were only trying ATT for 30 days I wanted to do a side by side comparison. She had him give me a call and oh boy was I informed, not only did he have to run new lines to all my tv's if I wanted to keep the Directv hooked up but there are only four channels coming in and only three of those would be HD at a time, this means if I'm recording one HD show, watching another in the living room only one more tv in the house could provide HD, and only one additional tv could even be watched and that would be in SD, really ? the sale woman failed to mention that. She also failed to mention the wireless receiver in the add was not even possible every room would have to have a home run back to the gateway, I certainly don't want more unsightly coax cables run through my house and out holes in the wall, considering the house has coax to every room already plus another line from the directv install. ATT failed miserably in their inaccurate sales pitch, At least the installer was honest enough to let us know we would never get the package we were sold in time for me to halt the install.




I've had nothing but problems from day 1. the girl who came to my home also said everything would be 10x better than Charter. on the install day against my wishes the tech cut every wire at the connector . he couldn't run his wires properly, he said his meter detected some kind of problems, so he drilled 7 holes in my exterior walls. i found that their present technology only permitted 4 TVs to be on at one time; 2 if someone was recording. talk to their expert team and got a box from UPS to send the equipment back. called 4 times about billing ? got a cardboard box with in 3 days. I got a call from Charter wanted me back. they hooked us up last week and everything is working 10x better than u-verse