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Review by itsbry See Profile

  • Location: Fernandina Beach,Nassau,FL
  • Cost: $195 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Solid, consistent internet connection; crystal clear HDTV, no installation issues."
Bad "Porting number tricky, alternate number for a week; unexpected"
Overall "Beats the snot out of Comcast at the same cost with DVR to boot!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We needed broadband internet service, so it was Comcast or DSL... I haven't had any gaming issues with the 3MB download speed compared to Comcast's 15MB (when it was up). With 6 months free internet, we're out $111 per month, jumping to just under $150 after the promo. That is still cheaper than what we paid for TV and internet with Comcast, and then adding the phone bill.

We actually made the decision to order just before Christmas, and had everything finalized by the New Year (except the phone number; it was still being ported... took an extra week). The install tech came out on the 26th. Saturday, the 26th. I was pretty shocked that they were even working, and told the tech as much!

We have a 2wire modem/router so I don't need my D-Link router anymore. I do wish that I could figure out how to change the key, though. We got a 10-digit number that I will have to write down for guests when they want to log in to the network. If that's our biggest issue, I'm in pretty good shape.

Screw Comcast. They won't get my business again.

July 2010 update: Service is up 24/7 and the TV still looks great... I've figured out how to change the SSID and password, so things are about as good as I could ask for.

January 2012 update: No changes. the phone works, the HD TV works even better, and the internet service is up 99% of the time. We all hate the increase in fees that bump the monthly rates, but I will pay for consistently good service and I bet you would too.

April 2014 Update: Still no changes, barring a slight upward trend in cost (maybe $15 over four years). We will be cutting the land phone line to save a few dollars ($35 approx.)... I'll holler if it backfires on me.

May 2014 Update: The bundling of service makes it more expensive to cut the land line... phht. I did get a better idea of how to manipulate the promos offered and ended up with a better package for the same price. Although this doesn't accomplish my goal of reducing my bills, I suppose it's the next best thing.

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On Demand

The Att U Verse on demand sucks! There aren't nearly as many tv shows on it as comcast.



Att sucks!!!

Terrible customer service. All of the reps have different information, they aren't consistent. They could careless about people and the reason why their bill was late. They have no program to get back in to good standings. This is the real world, things happen!!! They are VERY greedy and it's a total rip off. They will keep billing you even if you no longer have their services. And they pray that you don't notice the mistake. And the cable isn't all that great anyway!

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

Re: Att sucks!!!

Can we help?

el bebe

thats y att its #1 in cust services



Service call

Had a problem with my DVR , this afternoon a technician came out and did a great job. His name was Michael , very professional, thanks