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Review by Carbon Unit See Profile

  • Location: Saint Charles,Saint Charles,MO
  • Cost: $164 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Good selection of channels, no bandwith caps"
Bad "Old modem technology, pings are terrible for gaming"
Overall "decent service and reliablity, priced a little less than charter"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have 12mb internet and 300 package, but Im on a freeview now with 18mb internet... the speed is nice for downloading files that is only if the server you are connection to uploads the full speed, the pings are basically the same for all the speed packages so going from 10mbs to 24mbs you will probably have the same gaming pings (lag) probably will go back to the 12mb service when the freeview is up, installation took about 8 hours, they used the existing coax which gave me problems, I used some of my old Ethernet cables in place of the coax which solved the problems I was having. I think the price is a little high for what you get, I cant use satellite because of the tree's in my yard. I think when ATT brings fiber to the house and maybe use a little better gateway wich supports wifi N 450mbps, QOS, and gigabit LAN, 1080p HD the service will be top notch

currently reviewing my thoughts on going back to Charter to get better quality internet connection 100/5 service with virtually no lag

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Very Upset


Worst Experience Ever

I ordered uverse internet as a bundle package with direct tv at the time of signing up I was told my card would not get charged until I spoke with a rep because they required a $100 deposit but I had the option of splitting it in 3 payments. Well my card was charged for the full amount without talking to anyone...for the full amount. I was so upset that I cancelled my service. After speaking with a rep they said my card was only authorized an not charged but I should have the money back on the card when my bank would release the hold. 2 days later they actually posted a payment on a cancelled account. So stupid!! Then when you call them you get re-directed 10 times before finding out they are closed. Never again!!!!



AT&T Uverse Internet Service

I HATE uverse and the service AT&T provides. You call and always have a minimum 30 minute wait and then you get transferred from one idiot to another. The uverse is no faster than DSL and I get a very poor connection with my iPad.......almost worthless. Our DSL with wireless router worked wonderful but uverse sucks. I want to switch back but AT&T says I can't. I was scammed big time and want others to know so they don't fall for the lies that the AT&T reps will feed you. If you have a choice choose anybody but AT&T. I will be turning them into the Better Business Bureau. Their scam operation is a disgrace!!!!!!!