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Six Month Rating

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Review by weaseled386 See Profile

  • Location: Port Orange,Volusia,FL
  • Cost: $115 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fully Functional Whole Home DVR, Smaller equipment & Good Speeds"
Bad "Copper (last mile) and Distance based."
Overall "Very nice product if you qualify."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Updated review 11/16/2011:

I'm back on Uverse, because time healed all wounds. Time also increased the quality of my service! I couldn't be happier. This time I waited 2 months after install to update my review. I currently have a DVR, STB and Xbox360. I've been solid on the 32/5 profile, and not a single retrain. I have U450 and the top tier internet, and all has worked flawlessly.

My install was a piece of cake, because I left it untouched after my previous Uverse install. I'm 1k' away from the VRAD, and my home is wired with CAT3 to some rooms and CAT5e to others. Do not let anyone fool you into thinking CAT5+ is required... NONE of the underground cables are CAT rated, and half the cable (protector to field) is CAT rated. The only issue we ran into was the Xbox, again. This time we couldn't figure out how to remove the previous Uverse software install. After working directly with Tier-2 we figured out the issue, corrected it and an online doc was created for AT&T to use for all simular issues. I did NOT have to purchase the Xbox360 kit a second time -- even tho I'm on a different BAN.

DVR space is still on the small side (320GB), but rumor is a larger 500GB DVR (I think they say it is black?) has been released. Furthermore, I can vouch for the fact a Seagate 1TB 7200.11 (NOT AF [advanced format] DRIVE) will work just as good as the factory 320GB. Do not attempt to use an AF drive (such as WD Greens) until additional troubleshooting has been done on how to align the drive properly. The result is jittery playback that pauses often. Power and heat are NOT an issue in my Central Florida home that routinely reaches 84* inside.

At this time the 250GB cap has not been implimented, and I reserve the right to change my mind (on everything above) when and/or if they do enforce it!!

Updated review 2/21/2011:

I can vouch for the saying "time heals all wounds." Nearly a year after feeling wronged by AT&T I've decided to give it another chance. This time I'm not trying telephone, because its useless to me. I am, however, getting TV & Internet.

TV: I've ordered U450 again, and will have a total of three STB's. The main DVR will be in my living room, I'm using a Xbox360 in my master bedroom and a standard STB in my daughter's room. So far my only complaint is the amount of money it costs to use the Xbox. The only part of the kit I needed was the CD, but you still have to pay $100 for it.

Internet: I can say the redesigned RG is MUCH nicer than the dinosaur from yesteryear. Black, much smaller and just sleeker looking. The only thing it seems to be missing is status LED's for each LAN port. Sure, they're not really needed, but they are nice.

Tech: The tech was very nice, friendly and he worked with me to isolate the portions of my complex home network we'd use fro Uverse. It was determined that a switch would be needed in my attic to make things run properly, and he pulled a very stout switch off his truck: a Netgear GS108.

Time: Unlike last year, scheduling was fast! I placed the order on a Friday evening, and they fit me in on Monday morning!

Original Review from ~3/2009 below:

Although I was very pleased with the offerings of my local cable company (Brighthouse Networks), I knew I was close enough to the VRAD (744') to take the plunge. So far the services have been amazing, but they were followed by a bill that made my jaw drop! That bill included: U450 (DVR + 2 STB's), TurboMax (24/3) internet and Unlimited VoIP. After doing the math (one prorated month and one full month) I found the services to be ~$35 more expensive.

I called in to cancel my service. The retention dept made some changes to my bill that will make it WAY cheaper for 6 months, and within $5 per month there after.

TV: To be honest, the feeling of the TV menuing system is worlds above that used by BHN. It is amazing to be sitting in my living room/computer room, and set a recording that can be watched on any TV. My gf and I also both have iPhones. So we're able to manage recordings while out-and-about! I feel like I just stepped up from the stone age.

Internet: My current speeds are higher than my previous offerings, but D3 hasn't been deployed. However, I'm an avid World of Warcraft player and my latency to the Dallas, TX server farm has went up. I tried working with Tier-2 on the issue, but was blown off by saying the routing is "proprietary informantion."

Telephone: I cancelled it after a month, but it was what it was. The great part of ordering your service with VoIP is they give you a small Belkin UPS to power the Residential Gateway! However, the ONLY thing it'll power is the RG.

Installation: Let me start off by saying I install AT&T's network for a living (Central Offices & RT sites), and knew exactly what to expect at time of install. I already had CAT5e ran from each TV location to where my RG would sit. Knowing I'd be using HDMI I had a new source installed, and tested it to work 100%. The only thing I forgot was a bridge tap in my attic. Those were replaced and I'm provisioned at max speed on the 32/5 profile.

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