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Review by kba4 See Profile

  • Location: Canton,Stark,OH
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "fast"
Bad "will be faster someday"
Overall "it was great for a year but data caps break the deal"
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****update 4/13/2011****

TW is rolling wideband as of 4/11, so I called in and have an install scheduled next monday 4/18- the install will consist of a modem swap as my current modem used for phone service is D-2 and to get the 30/5 'extreme' service I ordered I need a new D-3 modem... anyway I just called ATT and scheduled a disconnect date of 4/20 and when asked, I told an unsurprised rep that it's the data caps. ah well, it was nice while it lasted but honestly TW's offering is better anyway because it's cheaper and the technology seems to have a lot more potential than aging copper. who knows though, perhaps next year I'll continue this dance and be back on a new uncapped ATT service running at 1Gbps... right!

****end update****

****update 4/2/2011****

apparently ATT will be instituting 'data caps' starting with the May-2011 billing cycle. they've already changed their TOS. incidentally or coincidentally (however you look at it that is) TW here in NEO is starting to talk about Wideband. So while ATT may have the upper-hand right now with their 24/3 service, Wideband 30/5 or ***drool*** 50/5 D3 service beats the hell out of ATT's best. Of course we all know ATT will counter this eventually, but as long as the data-caps are in place, TW will have them beat. ATT must think their customers are total idiots if they expect us to believe WWW traffic differs from Video/VoIP traffic... they sold it based on it being easier and more efficient and now they try to say one of the services (internet) somehow strains their system (reality: the WWW offers a lot of competition to ATT branded Video and VoIP service and a 24/3 or even 12/1 connection allows the customer to make the best choice... limiting access to this portion of line forces said customer to use ATT for these services.) ATT you're losing my business very soon... expect lots of others to jump ship as well.

****end update****

I just got U-Verse Max-Turbo installed. I got the 2wire 3800 RG unit, and have it wall-mounted. I will post pics Home/Office Setup in a little while.

I subscribe only to the Internet service, though in the future I may also switch my TW Digital Phone over too.

I switched to ATT because the best TWC could offer me is sub-768Kbps uploads and 15Mbps (plus powerboost-30Mbps) download. ATT's Max-Turbo is 24/3 and real speeds just in the first hour or so here have proven very close at 22-23/2.8-2.9. BIG DIFFERENCE!

The only downside so far is my ping is in the high 50's, vs TWC's range of 10-30 on average. But I'm not a gamer, and everything seems just as responsive if not better. The price is $70/mo and installation was $150. My monthly bill should be less than $75.

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