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  • Location: Pittsburg,Contra Costa,CA
  • Cost: $77 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Good picture, TV guide menus are easy to understand, DVR functions are great."
Bad "55$ Install fee when adding a box!!!"
Overall "Just like all the others...Cable, Satellite...AT&T, I dare you to stand apart from the rest and be different! :)"
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·Comcast Business..
I believe Comcast does not charge an install fee to add a new box. I've had cable TV for years and remember never having that added to my bill. I was going to add a new box on my account until they told me about the install fee $55...Something the cable company has never advised me about when adding a box in the past...I'm somewhat impressed a little about this U-verse TV, but

1. I think it's a little pricey (They're all the same Cable, Sat, U-verse)

2. I don't like the installation *cough* truck roll out fee.

After my 6 month promo is up, I'm going to cancel and go back to cable TV or sign on back to Satellite. Like I said, They're all the same and they all show the same channels...LOL, I think Dish Network has a deal right now for $29.99 a month, but the only bad thing about that is your required to sign a 2 year contract...

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Why the techs bill for everything

I am not a uverse tech now and this is one of the reasons, they bill so it adds to their efficiency time, if the techs do not make their efficiency numbers they are written up and put on some sort of disciplinary action. This is a standard charge most techs charge to make approx 47 min of time, and it's total BS and it comes from the management. It starts with the 3rd line then they look at all of the techs numbers daily and if the efficiency metrics do not fit into their fake reality the 3rd line calls the second line managers which in turn put the pressure on the first line. It is a s##t rolls down hill scenario, which effects all of the mangers bonuses in the end.

uverse tech


Re: Why the techs bill for everything

Actually, the trip charge is to prevent the previous tech from getting a repeat. Also, a lot of times we are sent out and find the cust has the tv on the wrong input or disconncted the modem etc... so yea, we have to charge a trip charge for cust stupidity.