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Six Month Rating

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Review by jsinaiko See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $180 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Good installer, all components (VIOP, Internet, TV) working great."
Bad "Horrid (worst I've ver seen) marketing, bad information on availablility, not-so-great CSRs."
Overall "If it's reliable and if they don't raise the prices too much it'll be very good service at a pretty good price. Time will tell."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Service fine - no outages lately, no major problems. Except billing problems.

Due to expiring promotions my bill went from about $184 to $227 in two months. Several of the promotions involved the salesman - not a door-to-door guy but someone at an ATT call center - not saying they were time-limited promotions. I've been through the ringer with ATT for decades now so I really should know better, but life is complicated and I really don't have time to track how the phone company is clipping me.

Anyhow, I called customer retention and after a long hold wait and getting cut off in the middle of that wait I did find a competent person who was able to cut the bill by $39, thus getting me back to close to where I began when I went from POTS and DSL to Uverse a year ago. Of course I have to remember to call them back in 6 months to retain the discounts.

As much as I hate Comcrap I would have had to give them some serious thought had ATT not eventually responded. Bopping my bill over $40 over a 12 month period is not competitive and put Uverse beyond the price point that makes sense and allows them to compete with Comcast. Plus it's sneaky in a way that is not going to create customer loyalty.

What an annoying way to bill - they make you work or they clip you. Question: Why not just charge an honest fee from the start and save everyone the hassle? Answer: because most folks don't notice or can't slog through the hold time and difficult CSRs - often off-shore, which shouldn't matter but seems to with ATT (badly trained, badly paid?). It's so unnecessary - just bill folks honestly from jump and get some good will. That lack of good will is what will make the ATT acquisition of T-Mobile difficult or impossible. When the DOJ and multiple states attorneys general sue to block the sale they have a much better chance due to ATT's generally annoyed customer base. All the lobbying in the world won't help you when your customers don't like you.

This is why public utilities and monopolies or quasi-monopolies need government oversight and regulation. ATT takes advantage in ways that are only rivaled by Comcast. Even Verizon isn't this bad. No wonder they are getting grief about their attempt to but T-Mobile - their customers hate them because they don't like getting nickled and dimed to death, which is the way AT&T chooses to bill. It's obnoxious and toes the line of legality and (certain;y) ethical business behavior.

The fact that the person at customer retention who helped was decent and competent doesn't really make the company any better than it is. It took an hour of my time - which is worth a couple of hundred bucks - and that in and of itself is enough to make me question ATT's loyalty to me.


It's been a few months and there haven't any significant issues on the performance side of things. A couple of RG recycles to get one of the phone lines back up and maybe one very short outage. Throughput and bandwidth have been consistent and as advertised.

The wireless range of the 2Wire 3600 HGV isn't very good - I've run CAT5 and set up repeaters in strategic parts of the house, but they could use a better RG with more range.

Customer service is a NIGHTMARE. Some CSRs are OK, many have no idea what they are talking about. My bills have been all over the map even though my usage has been identical every month and nobody can explain why and it requires multiple phone calls and a bit of anger to get anywhere. It's bad. No coordination, inaccurate information, confusing and difficult to navigate web site.

So - in short, good Internet, TV, and phones. Terrible customer service.

To be continued...


Installed on Monday 9/13/10. Very good and knowledgeable installer. Internet. TV, and phones operating as they should so far. If it stays this way I'll be happy. The installer really was good and friendly too.

But finding out when it was going to be available was like pulling teeth. Frustrating, and impossible to get decent information. At several points they said I could get it when in fact I could not.

Really awful marketing - an insult to one's intelligence. No good information, just cliches and BS - no good information, and no two CSRs ever told me the same thing. Just bad. Luckily the product is good - too bad AT&T is too dumb to figure out how to sell it without insulting your intelligence.

That said, so far so good.


All has been fine - some billing issues but they were straightened out. But they just upgraded me from 3 to 4 HD streams. Nice!

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