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Review by maartena See Profile

  • Location: Orange,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $65 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great speed. Stable connection. 24 Mbps is fast. 3 Mbps upload is fast.... for now. ;)"
Bad "24 Mbps is also probably the fastest they can push through copper. And they have CAPS, and charge $10 overages!"
Overall "Not recommended if you are a heavy downloader, but good enough for me.... for now."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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Since Time Warner Cable only has 10/1 and 15/2 connections, of which I had the latter, and I was moving anyways.... I decided to dump TWC altogether and go with U-Verse for phone and Internet, and DirecTV for TV.

I chose the 24/3 package, or "Max Turbo". Install was quick and painless. The AT&T was the ONLY technician who showed up and put special socks around his boots every time he came inside the house, unlike the DirecTV guy, the TWC guy (had to have temporary internet moved from old house till AT&T could come), the electrician and the plumber who all drug mud on my carpets and wooden floor. That detail impressed me.

The installer did his best to accommodate my wishes. He had to borrow my drill because the battery on his ran out, and he thanked me for that - after apologizing like 3 times first. He installed the outlet exactly where I wanted it (fairly easy, not in a far away bedroom) and ran a fresh new cable.

I also got phone. Porting the number from my Vonage (which sucks) did not happen in the automated system, but a quick call to AT&T solved it.


I am still happy with the service. However, AT&T has now implemented CAPS of 150 Gb for DSL, and 250 GB for U-Verse. They claim this is because of "network congestion", but this is poor bull. The real reason is that they are afraid of services like Netflix and Hulu, and want to compensate their already fat wallets by charging us by the byte. Overage charges are 10! dollars for 50 Gb.

In essence, if you go over the limit.... you will pay a full dollar for each netflix movie you watch, as they are roughly around 5 Gb for an HD movie.

As a result, I still stand by the excellent job the installer did, but I have to tone down my stars for value for money (caps = less value), tech support (my meter still doesn't work, and tech support said I would be charged anyway if I went over and didn't know - which turned out to be untrue), and connection reliability (I can't rely on the connection as good anymore, as by the end of the month, I better log on and see if I still have enough data left before I download something.

AT&T: I don't HAVE U-Verse TV, and there IS NO network congestion here. Your network is just fine, and this is all a gimmick to prevent TV customers from wanting to leave. Shame on you.

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