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Review by chachster See Profile

  • Location: Westerville,Delaware,OH
  • Cost: $175 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Install tech was great!"
Bad "Only 1 DVR and cannot rewind/pause live TV on non-dvr STB, CAPS"
Overall "HD not as great as DirecTV, Upload speed is nice.. until I start paying extra if I go over the cap"
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Install Co-ordination:
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·Time Warner Cable
12/13/2012 - I've since dropped U-Verse TV and Voice) I am still using the Max Internet package that has been reliable and have not had any noticed outages with the service.

Before moving to U-verse I had AT&T DSL/POTS and DirecTV for Television.

I ordered the Triple Play (U300/Max/Unlimited Voice)

TV - The HD is a bit less in quality, but after a few seconds the picture clears up and I don't really notice a big difference. However, coming from DirecTV I can say HD is not created equal.

Voice - No issues. Conversion from POTS to VOIP. Call quality seems the same as POTS

Internet - Faster speeds. Since this is IP I don't have as much overhead with PPPoE+ATM. Getting about 11.4meg down and 1.2 up.

Fast forward 3 days after install I read the breaking news here at broadbandreports.com that AT&T is going to impose a 250GB caps. I don't think I would be close to this, however, I don't want to have to worry about this. AT&T touts using Flickr, Yahoo, HBO Go, and other on-line services. Those services will just eat into that CAP.

My installer was top notch. Couldn't praise him more. The installation was neat and clean. The total installation time was about 6 1/2 hours. He was sure to be as quiet as possible when my kid went down for a nap. The iNID was installed on my basement wall along with the UPS. Everything is connected ethernet using a Netgear S108 switch.

I did have an issue with random freezing and pixelization. A technician was dispatched and saw errors. This was referred to I&R and he couldn't find anything but did switch my pairs. Line stats look better according to Tier 2. I have not had the freezing or pixelization since the pairs were swapped. If it does happen again, it could be the DVR (The DVR is on the TV we watch the most) The tech that came out did forget to put a black plastic cover in the iNID.

Before I knew I was going to be capped my grade would have been a B+/A-, after the CAP announcement I would rate C-, that is how much on principle I don't agree with the CAP.

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