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Review by Lauriel See Profile

  • Location: Sacramento,Sacramento,CA
  • Cost: $69 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Speed is very good. Pricing is good."
Bad "The order/install process was poor - customer support is lacking."
Overall "Good speed for the price. Customer support - one hand doesn't know what the other is doing."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I wanted to move away from my AT&T ADSL service, as it was quite slow, especially since I was unable to come near achieving advertised speeds, in part due to my distance from the CO. My two choices were AT&T U-Verse and Comcast cable. I also wanted the digital phone service, but not the television service. I will stick with my DirecTV Satellite service for television. U-Verse pricing is better than Comcast in our area, so that played a role in my decision. Both companies have a reputation here for weak customer service, so that didn't play any real role in my initial decision.

I placed my order over the Internet for the Max 12/1.5 HSI service and the 250 phone service on 4/27. I was quickly given an install date of 5/4. A few days prior to the install date, I received my 2wire 3600hgv gateway. I prepared everything so that I'd be ready for the service to be turned on. The 5/4 date came, and the service was not turned on. I contact AT&T only to find out that, even though this is a self-install, a tech still needs to come to the home as part of the line provisioning. The tech reported that he was unable to access my NID because he didn't have the gate code to my gated community. I asked why he did not call either me or AT&T to see about getting in touch with me. I was told that he should have done this, as contacting the customer under these circumstances was the correct protocol. The rep apologized for the mistake, but was unable to give me a new install date until 9 days later. I felt that this was unacceptable, particularly since the tech did not follow through with contacting me in order to access the property. The rep stated insisted that there was nothing he could do, and set the install date at 5/13.

After considering this issue, I contacted AT&T again and explained the situation. After about 15 minutes (much of it on hold while he talked to his supervisor,) this rep stated that he was going to have me speak with the retention department. After about 45 minutes (much of it on hold while retention contacted the dispatch scheduling department,) the retention rep was able to move the date up by only 2 days, but did offer me a discount on my service for a period of time to accommodate the inconvenience. My new install date was set for 5/11.

On 5/11, I wasn't at home, but my husband was. He stated that the ADSL service went down a bit before noon, as I expected would happen. I got home around 5 p.m., but the U-Verse service was not yet running. Because of the bad experience I had the previous week, I decided to contact AT&T. They assured me the tech was running quite behind, but would be there by 8:00 p.m. I let them know that I wasn't going to wait for a 3rd install date, and that if they were unable to make it out tonight, I would cancel my order and go with Comcast.

Around 7:40 p.m., I noted that the gateway lights had all turned solid green, so I knew the service had been turned on. I was just about to sit down at the computer to go through the activation process when the tech called me on my cell phone. He was having trouble finding my house. I also noticed that, despite giving my gate code to numerous reps who asked for it, the tech still did not have it!

He asked me if I'd already received my gateway. I told him I did, and that it was already hooked up and green. When he realized that I already was set up and ready to go, he said there was nothing more he needed to do. Apparently, the only thing the tech really needs to do at the premises is check at the NID to make sure all is working. We did, however, have a lovely chat for about 15 minutes while he drove to my home and I completed the activation process and started using my service. Because there were no issues, he didn't even have to get out of the vehicle. He said it was the easiest provisioning he'd done all month, since most of his customers aren't ready to go on install day. I had to laugh, since getting U-Verse service was a real pain for me. If he didn't get the line provisioned

I must say that I was a bit dismayed that my service was help up for another week for nothing more than a tech checking that the service actually worked. It seems to me that I could have done that myself, rather than holding up an installation. If it worked, great. If it didn't, they could send someone out. I guess that I expected that there was more that the tech needed to do if it was required for the service to get completed.

Now that the service is up and running, I think I am going to be very happy with it. The speeds are quite good, so that will work out great with streaming video, which suffered a bit with my previous service. The phone service has nice features, as well. (This is the first time I've had digital phone service.)

Now I'll just have to see if they follow through with the discount offered to me by the retention department.

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