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Review by smashcraft See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $151 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 221 days
Good "Reliable connection, price compared to cable is not bad, customer service seems to have improved"
Overall "Big improvement over cable, reliable connection"
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Ordered service on March 10th and had the install take place on April 21st. The technician that arrived was professional and had me up and running in about two hours. Equipment included the 2Wire/Pace 3801 gateway and one DVR.

I had U300 television installed, 12 meg internet, and unlimited telephone service. The technician re-used some CAT5 cable and connected the gateway to the NID, back-fed the telephone service to the NID on the same line, and back-fed the television over a coax run to the cable box outside.

Service is very good. The picture is crystal clear compared to Time Warner, the internet is reliable, and the telephone service is excellent and very clear. The only complaint about the telephone service is that most features have to be activated and maintained via the Uverse Portal. For example, if I want to add someone to call blocking, dialing *60 will only activate and turn on the service. Inputting telephone numbers occurs through the Uverse Portal.

I am paying 144.00 after taxes and fees with a 24 month price guarantee. Additionally, I should receive 150.00 cash back plus 100.00 cash back for ordering online. There is a 12 month contract on the internet portion of my account.

Overall, I am pleased with the service at this time. Updates will follow.

11/23/2014: overall, services are still working flawlessly. No outages to speak of at this time, crystal clear television, and internet connection is reliable (receiving 15.02 mbps down and 1.61 up on a 12mbps package). Telephone service is working very well. The billing nightmares I experienced a few years ago have seemed to work out. All of my promotions and promises at the sign up of service have been fulfilled and are continuing.

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