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Six Month Rating

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Review by smashcraft See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $197 per month
  • Install: about 365 days
Good "Rock Solid Connection, price for TV is fair"
Bad "Customer Service, Price, Static on Voip Line, Internet caps"
Overall "good connection, but price was very expensive. customer service is very bad."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I had the U300 package with HD (10.00 tech fee added plus 7.00 for an additional DVR), 3 meg internet (4.00 monthly rental fee for gateway) and Uverse Phone Unlimited for 35.00/mo. Connection for all services was rock solid...never experienced any outages, but price was getting to be a little more than I could afford. U300 television was great. I liked the multi-room DVR feature, and right before I left, they did roll out a new feature that you could pause live-tv from secondary receivers in the house. Some people were complaining about the bad HD quality picture, but I never saw any issues with it. It seemed to be quite clear. I felt that for 84.00 a month, the U300 package was a great deal, but I did not like that the HD service was an extra 10.00 a month.

Telephone line had static. About ten minutes in to the call, I would hear a click as if something was seizing the telephone line, and then I would hear backfeed and echo everytime I spoke. I called Uverse several times on the issue, but they could never isolate the problem.

I was not too happy with the installation. Installer ran several new lines to feed the gateway. When drilling through the outside wall to run the new coax and CAT5 cables, he never filled the excess space around the wires with foam which allowed rain water to come in. At the least, I figured they would have placed a water-proof box on the outside wall around the area. I eventually had to do that myself. To be fair, he did run a CAT5 cable back to the NID to backfeed the voip line so I was pretty happy with that.

AT&T customer service was pretty bad. I did not have to call too often, but I did have a couple of issues where I was billed for services I did not have. It took several hangups, several transfers, and numerous phone calls before the problems were fixed. Also when joining, I was never given my promotional rates until I had to call 4 months later. Even then, I was not given the rate I signed up for. I also was promised 300 cash back via promotional cards when signing up. I only received 150.00. It almost seemed as if it was a "bait and switch" situation.

I am in-different with the new CAPS they placed on the home internet. They kept stating that it would only effect 2% of users...but I never understood why they were doing it then. I did have to switch from a previous VOIP provider (Phone Power) for fear that I would go over my cap thus costing me more money to go to Uverse Phone.

All-in-all, the connection was rock solid, but I felt that AT&T was nickle and diming their customers. I am happy having switched back to my local cable company for the time being.

Cancelling the service was not as bad as I thought. My cable company took care of cancelling the telephone service as I ported my telephone number. All you have to do when cancelling is take your equipment to a UPS store with your Uverse Acct Number and they will take care of packing and shipping the items for you. No addresses or anything else needed. I found that a little odd, but it was nice that it was pretty hassle free.

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