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Review by ConstantineM See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $220 per month
Good "excellent latency (around 4ms to akamai, as low as 2.5ms) and reliability"
Bad "laughable upstream speeds for a fibre offering (FTTP) only 1.5 Mbps"
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I get 18/1.5 package with a subnet of 32 Static IP addresses (plus U-verse TV), which is the fastest package they offer. The latency is excellent (it goes as low as only 2.5 ms to akamai, which is merely phenomenal), however, the bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps upload over a fibre channel is a bad joke.

As far as install goes: AT&T is unaware that fibre has to be terminated prior to U-verse install, so if you have FTTP, you'll be getting a call from the fibre guy prior to the regular scheduled U-verse guy. The fibre guy admitted that it's the actual procedure they have in place, e.g. he himself has to call and schedule a time to show up to terminate fibre, and AT&T would not notify customers beforehand!

My "Value for money" rating of 0 for AT&T U-verse represents the fact that just about anyone on a non-AT&T fibre connection can get speeds higher than 1.5Mbps upstream, but on AT&T you just cannot. I'm hoping Sonic.net will reach San Jose with their 1Gbps downstream and 100Mbps upstream Fusion offering that only costs 69 dollars. That's what I call good value for money!

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