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Review by kdepasquale See Profile

  • Location: Watsonville,Santa Cruz,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Speeds are faster than the local cable competitor"
Bad "2Wire router is pretty bad, 250 GB/month cap"
Overall "Best deal we can get until Cruzio offers their rebranded Fusion service"
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·Clear Wireless
I have the 24/3 internet package as well as U200 for TV. I get really great speeds (probably because I'm in a relatively new subdivision with clean copper lines) that definitely match what was advertised. Standard def TV quality is superb, (no HDTV here, so I can't comment on the quality of that) overall, I'm a very happy camper, but will probably switch to Cruzio when I get the chance, assuming they can match my speed and price.

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Cleveland, OH

3rd Party ISPs

can NOT offer DSL service or any type of service over U-Verse. U-Verse is a NON-Shared product and thus- is NOT required and does NOT share this loop with anyone. Also they remove the DSLAMs that normal resellers use. NOT even CLEC based companies can offer you service as they do not have access to these VARDs either.


San Francisco, CA
·Clear Wireless

Re: 3rd Party ISPs

I do realize that...our local ISP, Cruzio, is in the process of installing their own DSLAMs in partnership with Sonic.net...Sure it won't offer TV service, but I don't mind that...