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Six Month Rating

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Review by Jason See Profile

  • Location: 38.2967 Lat
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Looks good so far."
Bad "Ltes see what it is when the first bill comes in."
Overall "TV, Phone, Internet.. All seem improved so far, for less than I was paying."

Changed out from AT&T DSL 3Mb, local only phone, and DirecTV for this U-verse.. Got the U300 package (I think) and 250 min phone, and 6Mb internet.. 3 TVs.. Total should be roughly $120 per month the first year.. No contract.. The internet is getting speeds on-par with advertised 6Mb package, TV looks good, but more artifacting on the HD than I ever got with DirecTV.. Get more channels tho, and the whole 4-streams at once, and view/play/record to the DVR from any TV in the house looks awesome.

We'll see.. Installer was here like 2 hours, no hiccups with the installation..

Yeah, we'll see.. I plan to update this review in a few weeks once I get a better feel for the stability, and performance of everything.

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