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Six Month Rating

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Review by Canezoid See Profile

  • Location: Powder Springs,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $90 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "HH DVR, IPTV capabilites, lots of HD, in house connections :)"
Bad "Telco Loop restrictions,future upgrades,no Hallmark Channel,latency increase"
Overall "Good value"
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

I have been on Uverse for 1 wk and so far am impressed. I have been using Comcast for the last 2 years, no problems, cable modem is great, tv is fine. Bundle is ending w/ them so I thought I'd give the trial thing a shot w/ AT&T.

I'm running TV/HSI@ 12M, no voip. Main DVR w/ 2 STB's, 2HD 1SD that are ethernet to the RG along w/ my Netgear wnr2000 connecting my LAN, wired all myself. Prem tech was on time w/ in appt window & was quite happy w/ my pre-install, in & out in about an hour, even left me a nice Netgear gs108 gigabit switch for any future connections I may need.

I have seen quite a few complaints regarding the HDTV here on the forums, can't say that here, HD looks great. Some stations look better then others, but it's that way w/ any provider, even on my Comcast HD service. There is nothing for me to say that's it's horrible, it's not. TV channels change quicker on STB connections, but DVR has been slow to respond at times, not sure why, but have seen postings reg same issue from others, must just be a bug.

Bandwidth is single pair, 25M circuit. Have noticed a slight increase in latency of about 20ms as opposed to my cable modem, due to the interleave signal change, but has not affected my sons gaming on PSN or anything noticable when surfing. Had my SD & both HD's running, PSN ran fine when testing w/ Black Ops and BPS testing showed a slight decrease on download w/ about 15 sec incr latency, upload was not affected, runs at a steady 1.5-1.7.

Wife, while complaining about no Hallmark channel (cmon AT&T, get it workd out) does like the HH DVR as does my daughter, now they can record what they want and just watch it upstairs w/o having to bother me in my man cave.

Bottom line, is a good value for us here at this time, will post updates in the future. If considering trying it, you have 30 day trial, there's nothing to loose. Not all installations can accomodate 100% ethernet, but if you can, that's the way to go IMO.


Happy 2012:

Reliability has been fine while 2 months on Uverse. U200 package, 12M internet. No changes since installation. RG is steady, wife & daughter still happy recording & watching stuff from HH DVR, although did have some complaints regarding no Hallmark channel for the holidays.

DVR still seems slower for response time then the STB's for some reason, hope an update will take care of that. HD is fine, don't know what all the complaints are about, some channels look better than others as it does w/ any of the services.

I have seen the pixelization issues that some have mentioned for fast motion scenes on some live sports events, attribute it more to the network feed as it doesn't happen on every "sporting" event channel. I have taken notice of this lately w/ all the bowl games on. ESPN was by far the best in clarity, the Baylor/Washington game was crystal clear, while a game on one of the networks at the same time had the problem, so it's not Uverse itself, at least IMO it's not. Looses clarity when watching WWE Smackdown/RAW while all the flashy stuff is going on during a wrestlers entrance, somewhat annoying & looks weird, but no big deal.

No degrading or probs w/ PSN or XBL while running services & change to INTL latency has had no ill effect on our gaming. Shaper-Probe has consistent tests of about 11.5 DL w/ 1.5 UL.

Comcast was fine and I do miss the blazing speed of my cable modem, but the ups & downs w/ the bundle prices was just getting annoying. My plan puts me at about $90 on employee pricing, so there isn't anything else out there that can beat the value for what I'm running here now.

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