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Review by slickshrink See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Bad "Still waiting for central switching station to enable U-Verse"
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Install Co-ordination:
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This is a high-speed service, but the introductory rate was appealing. However, although I ordered the service a month ago (October 26, 2011) I am still waiting for its activation a month later, November 23.

The telephone service is quite poor. Interminable waits and getting shifted from one person to another. The sales service person determined my order had not been correctly entered on October 26 by the sales person on the phone. I was switched to technical service, who promised every day that a central switching problem would be taken care of that day or the next day. Never happened. I'm still waiting.

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Chris F


U-Verse Installation

I was scheduled to have my internet and cable installed on Nov 21st 2011 the tech was supposed to arrive between 9am-11am i had the appt. set for at least 2 weeks i confirmed the date and time the day before Nov. 20th. Monday comes and its 11 30 and no one is there. so i call and go through the long and tedious phone process. first they couldn't find me in there system then they told me that my order had been cancelled, i asked them why? who canceled it the told me that they "dont know its just in cancellation status." So they then rescheduled me for the following day Nov. 22nd from 12-3 i said ok thats fine i confirmed the time and address. Well Tuesday comes around and it's 2:30 i call them they tell me "oh no need to worry it looks like the tech is driving to your location and is almost there." I said ok great thats fine. Its now 3:15 still no tech i call them back and they tell me that the driver has the wrong apartment number my is 706 the one the driver had is 701, I said ok well he is on his way right? the actual address is correct room 701 is in the same building just call him and tell him its 706. i get put on hold for 15 min when they come back the rep tells me because she submitted the change it reset the system and now i am automatically rescheduled for next Tuesday Nov. 29. I just want you to know they are just full of shit because i confirmed the address and times and dates 2 times in a row