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Review by northalabama See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $25 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
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UPDATE 3/2013: it's been over a year, and i can say without pause, u-verse at this address and in this town has been the most reliable and steady isp i have ever subscribed with. unlike at&t dsl or comcast, the email server rarely goes down (outlook always makes me aware when there's an issue).

the speeds aren't great, but they are consistent and most always up. i remember only one inconvenience, and it was a slow down, not a complete outage. when i called, tech support actually admitted to the issue (a first for any tech support i recall), and it was resolved shortly afterwards, much sooner than i was led to believe it would take to fix.

i receive around 92% of purchased speed, with no detectable traffic delays during peak usage times. amazing.

1/25/12 - Installation completed!!! UPS didn't hold the modem like they committed, but I managed to have it delivered just as the installer arrived. Smooth installation, good line quality, good speeds, and the tech couldn't have been better or nicer. I will update in a few weeks after some use...

1/24/12 - Without notification, the delivery of the modem was rescheduled by UPS, for delivery 1/25/12. Since I had signed up for both SMS and email notifications, I called UPS to find out what was up. They didn't know, but couldn't offer any options other than catching the status update online in the middle of the night (when the modem arrives at my local UPS processing center) and attempt to hold for same day pick up. Let's hope I can stay awake.

I called the tech, gave him the update, he took my info, says he will hold the order in the morning until he hears from me. Once again, stellar service from the tech. Let's hope this goes down tomorrow, bad weather is on the way...

1/23/12 - UPDATE: Modem didn't ship on Friday 1/20/12, but the order has processed, label printed, and should ship today. I even received a confirmation email with a tracking link, which was surprising.

The tech came to upgrade the outside wiring at 10am this morning. Since I didn't want to lose my DSL for two days, I accepted the technician's offer to try again on Wednesday, 1/25/12, to allow time for the modem to arrive. Tech was very courteous and helpful. Can't wait for the service.

1/17/12 - Called AT&T today about my DSL pricing. I was shopping, either for better speed for the money or a lower price for what limited service (6Mbps) AT&T DSL can offer. What did I end up with? U-verse internet. TV and phone (no interest, already a VOIPo customer) are not available yet, but I can get U-verse internet intro offer. Motorola NVG510 gateway n/c after Visa gift card rebate, and $25 per month for the first year for 12Mbps, no contract, then goes to $48. Installation (self-install) on 1/23/12. Let's see how this goes...

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