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Review by freakout9903 See Profile

  • Location: Gastonia,Gaston,NC
  • Cost: $85 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Cheaper than TWC, Whole-House DVR, Free On Demand has tons of shows!"
Bad "Internet not as fast as Time Warner Cable but works great!"
Overall "Going to save me almost $600 this year compared to Time Warner Cable!"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I wanted to post my experience with U-Verse after all the bad rep I read online the past week or so.
Tomorrow is my scheduled Installation for U-Verse TV and Internet.
On Jan. 27th, 2012 I ordered online:

U-Verse TV(U200) Package - $69/month
HD Whole-house DVR - included
HD Non-DVR - $7/month
DISCOUNT 6months - $-25/month
TV TOTAL - $51/month

U-Verse High Speed Internet Max - $48/month
Equipment fee - $4/month
DISCOUNT 6months - $-18/month
Internet TOTAL - $34/month

Total for first 6months - $85/month
After the first 6months - $128/month

TV Activation Fee -$36 one time
Online Activation fee Waiver -$-36
Internet Installation Fee -$149 one time
Multi-Service Installation Discount -$-149
Total One Time Charges - $0

AT&T Rewards Promotional Cards - $175

After ordering I immediately setup an installation date online for Jan. 31st, 2012 between 1PM-4PM. I received a confirmation email of my order later that night and today Jan. 30th, 2012 the day before my installation I received a reminder email of my scheduled installation tomorrow between 1PM-3PM. The email said installation on average takes about 4hours.

I will be having U-Verse installed into my living room(HDTV+DVR), and bedroom(SD box). My internet setup right now is in my living room by my TV setup. I have a fairly recent Linksys Wireless N router running DD-WRT firmware that I want to become the DMZ+ tomorrow and maintain my wireless after they setup everything else.

On January 31st, 2012

U-Verse line tech called me about 9am to make sure I was home and to tell me he was on his way. He needed to get into our locked storage closet outside our back door to test the drop coming into our apartment. After about 15minutes he knocked on my door and said he was done. I asked him how the signals were and he said "they looked great" and that I could get Max Turbo service here if I wanted it at a later time. He confirmed the install tech will be out here between 1PM-3PM. Since I know the lines are good I may opt for the "Max Plus" tier instead of the "Max" tier I ordered. More after the tech comes later.

1:15 I received a call from the Installation Tech telling me he would be here between 1:45-2:00pm. He showed up at 2:00pm and I was shocked when he put on shoe covers before coming into the house. The tech asked if anyone else from ATT had been out here yet in the past day or so and I told him about the Line Tech that came out this morning to check the signals coming into my apartment and showed him where that was. He told me installation could take up to 4 hours and immediately brought in his tools and got started. He seems to be very neat with the wiring so far. I think he is running a wire into the apartment for the gateway directly from where the drop comes into my apartment's outside storage area. He also neatly ran a cat5e wire under the carpet where need be and through the wall into my bedroom for my other tv.

The Tech finished the entire installation in about 2 1/2 hours. Before he left he demo'd the U-Verse TV and Remote. Internet I just made sure was working through the 2wire gateway with my laptop before he left. After he left I hooked up my linksys router running DD-WRT and gave it the WAN IP by making it the DMZ+ in the 2wire gateway settings, I disabled HPNA & the built in wireless on the 2wire gateway since I am not using either. Before I setup my linksys router as DMZ+ pages had a wierd delay, even when in the 2wire configuration pages, after my linksys was hooked up - not a hiccup. Also I noticed the 2wire gateway only had b/g wireless, my linksys has b/g/n another reason to use my own router. I ran my first speedtest and am happy with the speeds. I ordered the 12/1 Max Internet & receive exactly that.

Not quite sure whats good/bad when it comes to a VDSL signal but I figured I would post mine. Although it shows 32mbit/5mbit, I do only get my packaged speeds of 12mbit/1mbit, not sure if that's the max the modem can do, or if that rate includes the TV signal traffic.

User Rate 32221 kbs 5047 kbs
Max User Rate 73593 kbs 12139 kbs
Noise Margin 26.6 dB 19.7 dB
Attenuation 9.7 dB 11.1 dB
Output Power 12.1 dBm -15.7 dBm
Protocol G.993.2
Channel Interleaved

Also just noticed this is VDSL2 by the specified protocol above, maybe they will be bumping up the tiers sooner than at once thought.

When it comes to the TV, I have whole house DVR, and HD ready boxes in both rooms. My living room box is hooked to my HDTV with an HDMI cable, although I didn't get the HD Service/Channels yet as it's an extra $10/month and me and my wife didn't see a need for it even when we had Time Warner Cable, it's just more channels to memorize imo. The SD channels I get are clear, no pixel problems, and channel switching is much quicker than Time Warner Cable. In my bedroom I have an old 14in TV hooked up via coax to the hd ready box, no problems in there either. I will take some pictures of the install later and add them to the post. Overall, I am happy, will let you know how things go!

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