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Six Month Rating

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Review by SirSweeps See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $48 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Stable speeds, 12mbps down/1.5mbps up."
Bad "Non-Dynamic Ip (not technically static). Somewhat Cumbersome to configure my internal network to work with their modem/router."
Overall "Good Deal For the price. Nothing Fancy, but not too shabby."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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Price: The Total monthly cost that I wrote down reflects the standard charge for there U-verse Max speed line. It's is a middle of the road line suited for a home that has higher than average usage needs but nothing extreme. My actual price is $35 a month, which reflects a forced upgrade discount. I previously had att dsl for 6 years and was forced to upgrade to their Uverse Line or find another provider.

Speed/Reliability: Decent speed for gaming or watching HD Streams from Netflix/Vudu. So Far I have Tested PSN, Netflix and Youtube HD (1080P) at the same time without any stutter or waiting for loading times on all 3 (separate devices).

Hardware: I was supplied with 3 filters: 1 with a phone and DSL line, 2 With just the Phone filter. An AT&T branded 2wire 3600HGV Router/vdsl modem. 1 Telephone cable 6ft and 1 cat5 cable 6ft.

Cons: The only real problem that I have run into (it shouldn't be a real problem for the average user) is that, although my service says that it is a dynamic IP, the ip seems to be linked to the mac address of the router. Unlike the old At&t dsl you can't just restart your router or unplug it for a while in order to get your external ip address changed.

Other thoughts: In order to retain my internal network which utilizes 2 wrt54gs with openwrt I had to change the internal networks ip pool. A simple switch from the usual to (those that use a 10,0.0.1 or something other than the usual format wont run into this problem). If you plan to use a separate router with the 2wire, you have to remember to set up port forwarding/firewall rules on both your router and the 2wire. Tedious I know, but Wifi has a much wider/stable reach with my 2 WRT's then the 2wire can provide not to mention the mac filtering, dhcp handling, qos/access restriction options are all but non existent with the 2wire

3 months into service and so far so good..

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