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Review by jespaulding See Profile

  • Location: Delray Beach,Palm Beach,FL
  • Cost: $22 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Bill is combined with Phone Service"
Bad "intermittent email service and very poor customer service"
Overall "Fed up with ATT and in particualr their poor customer service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This last weekend I noticed that emails that I send from my bellsouth.net account were not actually being delivered. I set the option for delivery notification and got the following message:

"Your message was successfully relayed via mx.bellsouth.yahoo.com for delivery to: MY USER NAME@bellsouth.net", yet I never actually received the email. I tried sending myself email from my gmail.com account to my bellsouth.net account and it worked fine. I have two different computers, and both have the same problem.

I then called ATT customer support. They start out by giving me my caller ID number and asking if this is the account about which I am calling - I tell them yes - I then go through endless number of voicemail prompts many of which are designed to up-sell me on ATT products and service, all the while this is going on I am repeatedly asked for my account phone number over and over. When I finally get fed up with the endless questions that are totally irrelevant to my problem, I start laying on the "0" over and over until I finally get a message telling me that they will connect me and the wait is 16 minutes.

After now being on the phone for over 20 minutes, I finally get connected to someone in India. These people just do not listen to your problem. They have some script they follow which assumes that you are not even connected to the internet or if you are, that you have not set up your account properly. You tell them that nothing has changed in either of your computers, both are doing the same thing, bellsouth.net receiving works fine only sending is a problem and remind them of the delivery notification that indicated successful delivery - NONE OF THIS SEEMS TO REGISTER. My service advisor is convinced that everything is fine with the ATT/Yahoo/BellSouth system and that the problem must be with my setup, so he offers to transfer me to ATTs "pay for" technical support.

In summary, my opinion of ATT is at an all time low - this is not my first problem with ATT DSL service. I have had numerous issues none of which have ever been solved by ATT customer service, however all of which just seem to go away by themselves after a few days.

I must find a new service provider

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Gastonia, NC

Review under wrong ISP?

I am not sure you posted this within the correct ISP, it seems you have AT&T DSL which can be found here: »Company entry - AT&T DSL Service , not AT&T U-Verse(FTTC&VDSL2/FTTP) which is a operated completely separate from their DSL service. They now consider their DSL service legacy and are pushing people onto U-Verse where available. With that said, I don't agree with how they are treating their legacy customers as they still provide a service which customers pay for and should support just like any other service in my opinion. Hope you get your problem worked out.
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