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Review by IP Commander See Profile

  • Location: Oakland,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $19 per month
Good "Cheap"
Bad "slow, outsources to india, 2wire modem,"
Overall "Chepa nd slow. Pay more go faster."

I have been stuck with AT&T "Uverse" for some time now. Honestly it is not true Uverse because I can't get any package over 3 meg down. It's some sort of in limbo between DSL and Uverse IPDSLAM stuff they should have phased out and upgraded long ago.
When I check my hostname »stickystatic.com/ it says I a' om "lightspeed". That sure is a joke.

I had an outside line problem and had to deal with Tier I several times and they did not believe me(who used to be a Tier II Tech for AT&T) and kept putting me through hell and ignoring my request for Tier II or an ASI LFO Trouble Ticket. They even sent an inside tech after I went through all that and he said, we'll it's obviously an outside problem and I can't do anything. Duh. Took about 2 weeks to get my internet back.

They also gave me the worst possible router, 2Wire gateway. I was finally able to get them to send me a Motorola 2210 and a Linksys combo.

All in all they are a terrible service that outsources to India where no one understands anything about their job.

However every time I get Retention they are very nice, adjust my bill and hook me up with free equipment.

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