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Review by Inspiron 530 See Profile

  • Location: Bakersfield,Kern,CA
  • Cost: $170 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Bundled service, TV, Internet access, and digital land line phone"
Overall "Overall pretty good service."
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·Bright House
Broadband speed selected is up to 18 Mbps downstream and up to 1.5 Mbps upstream. I check it every day and the speed has been pretty consistent.

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Now a fan of AT&T

I can't begin to tell how much I dislike this company and there services. I have AT&T U Verse Internet - it is unbelievable slow. I work from home and it's a nightmare. Before I moved I had Comcast and for a while Time Warner. Unfortunately AT&T was all they offered in the area I live in now. I tried AT&T internet service years ago and was unhappy with it. One of the IT guys at my job (maybe 2002 or 03) recommend I try Comcast. He said the speed was incredible better than AT&T - he warned me it was a bit more expensive but said once I tried it I would never want to go back to AT&T. HE WAS RIGHT!. I HATE AT&T with a passion.

I will not even get started on what it took to even get them to come out and install the sorry AT&T U Verse and regular phone services (because they didn't off U-Verse phone services in this area. Not to mention I couldn't combine the account to get one bill and it's all AT&T.

When it comes to Information Technology AT&T is definitely behind other companies. Ever chance I get I tell people don't even try it. I recommend cable companies and their broadband capabilities.




ATT - No good

ATT has lousy customer service. They say that billing is one month in advance but yet they can charge for the movies you rent on demand the same billing cycle? Plus, they charged me for HBO Cinemax when I have it for free until the next month...! Very confusing for sure. Then, forget about rebates they promise. It is like going through Ft. Knox to get what was promised. Can't wait until December-going back to Comcast!!!!



Beware! Watch you bills!!

I have had a TERRIBLE experience with AT&T Uverse. I have been arguing my bill for months now and every single Rep that I talk to comes up with a different number owed. Shouldn't there be one amount if this is legit???? I have asked to speak to a Manager several times and have waited days with no call back that was promised to me. I just took the AT&T Uverse survey and was asked to be called back. I spoke to the Rep that called me and she actually hung up on me while we were talking. Is this how you handle your customer service? I didn't get loud on the call at all. I was just trying to make my point and she hung up on me. I can't believe that you are still in business. I have never been treated this poorly by a service provider. I have had nothing but problems since I have signed up with you. What will it take to get to the correct person that will help me solve this billing issue so we can part ways?? Doesn't anyone care at AT&T Uverse? I will be warning everyone I know that they should think twice before using your service.