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Review by Pbert35 See Profile

  • Location: Spring,Montgomery,TX
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Quality Service and Good Install"
Bad "Initial Install was noisy on the line"
Overall "Great service but keep a check on on the first install"
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First install at present Apartment with 2wire 3800 HGV-B and Motorola VIP 1225 from other Apartment had some problems with line system noise. Current Install with a Pace/2wire 3801 HGV and rework of Coax to STB has cleaned up nearly problems(KHOU 11 Signal). U-verse remote works with HDTV's that other providers have problems with(DirectTV) Internet package is 6MB Elite

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UVerse or how to lose a 10 year old customer

For over 10 years we have had two analog lines:
Line 1: 216-464-xxxx
Line 2: 216-464-xxxx
We also had DSL through our Line 2.
Some months ago I requested UVerse for Line 1. After the technician came, it was clear that I could not have UVerse AND DSL. It took a month to find this out. Fine.
A month ago I then requested UVerse to replace DSL for Line 2. I also stated clearly that I wanted to keep my analog Line 1 (216-464-xxxx) as it is now.
Thursday Dec 15: The first technician (Mike) came to setup UVerse. After a couple hours he stated that there was a problem with the lines and that he doesn’t deal with that. So he called another technician to fix that. Late that afternoon, Mike came back and Setup UVerse for me. The only problem was that Line 2 would not receive calls. By Friday the line was working and we had Internet through UVerse.
Saturday Dec 16: Internet doesn’t work anymore.
Sunday Dec 17: A technician came on Sunday and said he could not fix it, that it was a problem for another department.
Monday Dec 18: A technician came, and after spending most of the day here, we had Internet through UVerse. Lo and behold, now our analog line Line 1 doesn’t work. I requested to fix that line but to please request from the technician NOT TO TOUCH internet.
Tuesday Dec 19: Another technician came at 4 pm (named Mike as well). After a few minutes we had no phone and no Internet. He left and said the problem belonged to another department. We noticed though that when someone calls to us on Line 2, we received the calls on Line 1.
Wednesday Dec 20: Another technician came to fix the phone line. He said there is a problem that doesn’t belong to his department (I’m not kidding) and that there is only one line (Line 1) and that it now runs over UVerse and that Line 1 has been cancelled.
A UVerse technician is expected to come today before 4:00 pm.
This is sort of the log of a sinking ship. We still don’t have phone or internet. If you happen to remember us, don’t bother anymore, we’ll request these services from another provider.
Sincerely, your 10 year old loyal customer,
Ruben Misrahi
PS: Rest assured our contribution to blogs about AT&T will be very prolific.
Update: Now we keep getting these bills and phone calls asking us to pay for a service we NEVER had. I beg you to stop harassing us, our patience has its limit.