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Review by rglasser27 See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Worked fine at our old address"
Bad "Transferring to new address was a complete disaster"
Overall "Horrible, horrible customer service"
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Last Tuesday we moved from South Austin to North Austin. My wife called U-Verse two weeks in advance to make sure that the transfer of internet service would be as smooth and painless as possible. They said a technician would be there on Wednesday... between 8 and 8.

My wife waited all day for a tech who never showed up. We even called in the afternoon to double check that someone was still coming. They said he was on the way. No sign of him.

The next day we called to complain, they claimed somebody had come to the door and nobody was there. They did not. We rescheduled for Saturday.

I blew an entire day of our weekend, sitting at home in my apartment with no internet. I called three times to make sure we hadn't missed the technician. Nobody showed up. The last time, they said that the change of address never registered, and there was nothing they could do since it was after business hours.

Today (Monday) I called back and they said the technician showed up and we weren't there. They did not. They then said that the account had been closed, and I would have to sign up for new service, with all the associated fees.

I've signed up for new service with Time Warner Cable. They have lost my business forever.

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Dallas, TX


Probably uverse is not available at your new location or the new location is too far from the VRAD to make it work.

When I read complaints similar to yours, the lies, the errors, the we were there but nobody answered the door is always a sign that at&t can't deliver. My guess is that they were going to sell you plain ADSL and their 'TV partner' services perhaps directv.

Anyway, switching to cable (TWC) especially in Austin, TX were DOCSIS3.0 is available was your best decision. I don't know which plan you have but I'm sure it is much faster than what uverse has to offer.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

U-Verse Customer Service

Absolutely the worse customer service you can experience. You get jerked around from representative to representative, then the call disconnects and it starts all over when you call back. Eventually you do not get a resolution to your issue. Will never use their service again