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Review by rolande See Profile

  • Location: Prosper,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $269 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Easy order. Easy install. No hassles. No surprises, yet. Performance is consistent and reliable."
Bad "My biggest gripe is the limited number of simultaneous video streams and the mediocre HD picture quality."
Overall "Majority of services just seem to work, so far, and I'm happy with the entire process from order to install to performance."
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My Other Reviews

Power Tier Upgrade 45/6Meg 10/3/2013:

I placed my order to upgrade my existing 24Meg U-verse service to the Power Tier in late September of 2013, the day that ordering was made available at our location. It took just over a week for the service call to be scheduled ~9-10 days. \

The technician arrived and validated my existing install. He replaced my 2Wire 3801 residential gateway with the new Motorola NVG589 and got it provisioned and working on the existing single DSL pair that I had. He then went to the VRAD and patched the second F2 pair into a VDSL port. He came back to the pedestal and terminated that pair onto my feeder cable to my NID. He then went to my NID and ran a SELT test on the new pair. After the test was successfully complete, he terminated the second pair. We went inside to monitor the status of the NVG589 and verify it was working as expected. The 2nd pair would not negotiate. After about a half hour of tinkering with the router and the wiring, he went and called provisioning to double-check and confirm the details. He took the line apart and ran more tests. After about an hour and a half of further troubleshooting he decided to swap pairs at the pedestal and VRAD just in case. Same results. He was about out of ideas and then on a whim decided to replace the original button splice he installed in the NID. That fixed it. The button splice had not been a good connection.

So, I was a little annoyed that it took almost 4 hours to finish the install. TV, Voice, and Internet were all offline most of that time. If the original button splice had been clean, the install would have taken about 45 minutes total.

Service has been great since the upgrade. I can achieve download speeds right around 47Mbps and upload peaks around 5.8MBps. The NVG589 residential gateway has been more stable and has been simpler to configure than the 2Wire unit. The TV and Voice services work the same as expected. I have not noticed Video On Demand pauses since the upgrade, as I had seen previously but that could be purely coincidental. I regularly work from home and consume a fair amount of bandwidth on video calls and screen sharing and remote desktop apps, my wife regularly is recording 4 HD shows on the DVR simultaneously, and I have 2 kids who are becoming little bandwidth hogs watching video and non-stop sharing photos and video on Instagram. We also recently got NetFlix and have had a really good experience with it so far.

Service cost breakdown including taxes and fees:

U-verse TV U200 w/HD plus 4 add'l receivers - $148.05

U200 base price - $77

HD tech fee - $10

Each Receiver - $8

U-verse Internet Power Tier - $80.60

Power Tier base price - $76

High speed equip fee - $7

U-verse Voice Unlimited - $43.44

Voice Unlimited base - $35

Original U-verse order for TV/Voice/Internet with 18Meg service:

I have been a long time AT&T ADSL customer in both Chicago and Columbus Ohio. We moved to the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas in June of 2012 and were eligible for U-Verse service. So, I placed the order online in anticipation of our move to a temporary apartment. The entire process was fairly simple and easy to navigate from start to finish. I did not consider any other providers, as I prefer to use DSL versus a Cable provider. If Verizon FiOS had been available, I likely would have opted for that given the exceptional price/performance ratio and available high bandwidth options. In my opinion, U-Verse was the best available option. AT&T has definitely far exceeded my expectations based on my past experiences.

The technician called ahead of time. He arrived 10-15 minutes earlier than his 9-11am window and completed all the outside wiring work first. It took about 3 hours total to install the main gateway, 2 TV boxes/DVR, phone and register for the Internet service. He didn't even have to ask, he automatically put booties on to avoid walking with his boots directly on the carpet. He was friendly and professional and efficiently knocked the work out.

I ordered the Triple Play service including Uverse U200 channel package ($89), the Internet Max Plus package at up to 18Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream ($59), and Voice Unlimited for phone ($35).

I have the 2Wire 3801HGV gateway with a Motorola VIP2250 as the DVR on the main TV in our living area and a Cisco ISB7005 as a wireless set top box in another bedroom. They include a Belkin battery backup unit for the main gateway for the phone service. There is also a small Cisco external Wireless Access Point attached.

The wireless signal is nice and strong and I ran a preliminary speed test to a local service provider. I got up to 16.81Mbps down and 1.45Mbps upstream. I'm seeing about 28 milliseconds of latency to the upstream gateway at at&t.

They offered discounts for all of the install fees because I ordered triple play. They also offered $350 of AT&T rewards that are provided on a promotional card they deliver in the mail after 30 days of service. It appears I also get 3 months of free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and all of the On-Demand movie options for those channels as well. That will help pass the time in temp housing.

So, at this point, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The order to install experience has been seamless and without issues. At this point, I am one happy camper.

We moved into our new house at the end of September 2012 and scheduled our U-Verse service to be moved from the temporary apartment we were in. I was amazed at how easy the process was. We brought the boxes we had with us. The tech showed up to do the install and everything just worked.

I had my first service outage several weeks ago. I was able to quickly isolate the problem outside as the gateway was unable to synch the DSL signal. A tech was dispatched that same day. The problem appeared to clear on its own about an hour and a half after I called. The tech still came out to test and was not able to identify the root cause. They blamed it on a firmware push to my router but I was able to confirm there has never been a firmware push to my router. So, it does cause me a little concern. Hopefully this is a rare transient event.

I recently decided to increase my Internet package from the 18Meg to 24Meg service mostly for the increased upstream capacity from 1.5Meg to 3Meg for video conferencing. I submitted the change to my account online and within 2 business days the updated profile was pushed to my router. I am now seeing 22.58Mbps downstream and 2.83Mbps upstream. I was even given a 6 month discount of $5 a month on the upgrade. I'm now paying $66/month for the Max Turbo service plus a $6/month equipment fee less the $5/month discount.

I experienced another problem this past week that caused unstable service. I had another Tech visit. They found a jumper pair in the NID was pinched and accidentally stripped bare. They re-terminated my home run in my wiring closet with a female RJ14 insert and replaced my RG which was acting strange. They ran tests on my line and found a significant number of FEC errors. It was isolated to the buried cable from my NID to the pedestal out front. So, they installed a new cable to be buried and resolved the errors on the line. Hopefully this was the last of our issues and things will be stable from here on out.

After replacing the feeder cable from my NID to the pedestal, I continued to experience outages every 2-4 weeks. I would reboot the 2Wire 3801 gateway and things would go back to "normal". This continued from February to July of 2013. I called in a trouble ticket every time it occurred. Finally, in July, after seemingly getting nowhere on the issue for months and swapping out every component on the line, the last tech who came out decided to have my line provisioned to a different port on the VRAD. They moved me from the older F series card in the VRAD to a newer K series card. All problems disappeared after that and my line stats improved dramatically.

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Waxahachie, TX

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Your Review

I really enjoyed reading every word of your review, I currently live in Jacksonville,FL, here I'm using Comcast. I'm moving to Waxahachie,Texas on 06-02, at the address of the home I'm moving to, my communication option's are limited. Charter Communications is in the process of performing a major upgrade in that area, so except for satellite tv service, I'm rather limited to U-verse @ that address. I've never had their service before, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm scheduled for installation on 06-03, I'm getting the U450 TV pkg., Power internet (45 Mbps download) and digital phone service. I'm hoping I'll be as satisfied as you.

Dallas, TX
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Your Review

Best of luck with the install. I've had a great experience with it and have been really happy with the TV service compared to Time Warner Cable and the legacy AT&T DSL service I had back in Ohio, before we moved here. You will likely be on a pair bonded VDSL2+ connection. That is essentially 2 physical copper pairs each with their own discrete VDSL connection that is then treated as a single virtual connection by the residential gateway at your house and the VRAD box you connect to upstream. Both copper pairs have to be fairly balanced for signal and noise. Because of the sensitivity around the VDSL connections, it is possible you can experience outside RF interference that can create intermittent issues.

Follow the U-verse forum here and post questions. You will find a ton of advice on how to ensure you obtain the most stable connection possible and if you do run into issues, how to quickly get to resolution whether it requires assistance from AT&T or you can fix it on your own. The good thing is with the pair bonded connection you will most likely get the new Motorola NVG589 router. It appears to have resolved many of the constant issues that used to be complained about here. It is much more stable than the 2Wire product. I've had it since October and it has been solid as a rock for me.
Scott, CCIE #14618 Routing & Switching

Waxahachie, TX
Dear rolande,
Thanks for your reply, this morning while online..something told me to go to the AT&T Welcome site, and check the status of my order. When I did so...I thought I was going to have a heart attack, it stated my order had been cancelled ! So of course I called the toll free # and talked with a customer service rep., after giving them the need information..they found my order was still in their system, as was to be completed as scheduled. I surely hope everything works out with this..I guess the previous people that lived in the home had U-verse service, and when they moved out..didn't cancel their service properly.