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Review by jimmyc65 See Profile

  • Location: Brookhaven,Lincoln,MS
  • Cost: $116 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Getting Speeds that I ordered"
Bad "none yet"
Overall "Love the speed so far and have U-Verse TV"
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Back with AT&T after several years. Been with Cable One for a while and had their internet and tv service. When U-Verse became available I jumped on it. I had talked with several friends who had it and loved it.

Only had it a few days but love the internet and TV service. The process was painless and handled professorially, Mitchell the AT&T installer handled his business and install was done in a timely matter.

Over all very pleased so far!!

Well I guess it's time to update my review of my U Verse service. I have yet to find anything wrong with the service. I've had it for 2 yrs now and with the exception of the hurricane that came through right after we go the service I've not had any down time with the tv service or the internet. All of my speed s meet or exceed their advertised rates. The price has gone up but I have added some channels and increased my speed so that was to be expected. Like I said I have more than pleased with the tv and internet service. I've yet to call customer service since I arranged the installation. All I can say about the service is if you live in a area where it s offered get it.

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breach of contract

Apparently AT&T thinks that they can arbitrarily breach contracts. Even if you have a 12 month contract with them they can increase your monthly premium and if you complaint they really don't care. But if you dare to cancel services before the 12 months are up, they charge you cancellation fees. I guess the contract is a one way contract.


Lagrange, GA

Re: breach of contract

^^ Stop trying to hijack someone else's review with post your own irrelevant views or dislikes.



Re: breach of contract

Let me express a different view - 1. Thank you for your addition to the review. I am interested in the performance of the service but also the cost. If the vendor is not a stickler about legality, I care. If I can't trust the vendor, what difference do their service/cost terms make. 2. Post what you want as long as it's respectful. Don't let me tell you what to do just because I'm having one of my bossy and obnoxious days.

my thoughts


Re: breach of contract

The company has annual increases the end of January each year. These increases are both promotion package which while retail goes up so does your discount, net promo stays same, till your promo (normally 12 months) expires.

At the same time there are below line increases on fees, hsia fee is staying same ($7), receivers are increasing $1 (8 to 9) and local TV broadcast increase $1 (2.99 to 3.99). The average 3 TV internet account will see an increase of $3 February 1st 2015. This is stated in the terms of service agreement that very few seem to read.

Some say company not honoring price quoted XXX, truth is quote discount of XXX from retail pricing.... Fine print details, below line fees not a part of promo price quote, including local franchise fee and sales tax.


Often times you can find that one person who cares.they will warm transfer to retentions and make sure you get a good deal if not they assure you its ok we will try again until we get you a deal you deserve.it depends on who awnsers your call.