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Review by AMDUSER See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $54 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 17 days
Good "The service works"
Bad "Some line problems that extended the install time."
Overall "Well worth it, - saved $30 vs TWC per month!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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**************UPDATED:: September 3, 2013 **************

Well, the year promotion is up, and the bill went up to $83 and change.. and according I ported the phone number to a VZ Wireless based home phone service to reduce the bill by $40. [VZ Wireless has great coverage locally.. or I wouldn't have moved it over.] I inquired in At&t Direct forum about getting faster internet.. not possible.. the line is not capable of it, - short of pair bonding, which is not available locally.

The service was reliable during the year or so that I've had the internet from At&t.

.... On September 5th, I will be having TWC install cable 15 Meg internet and canceling the service from At&t. [If any faster than 6 Meg was available I would have stayed put.


Currently, until Sept. 5th, I have naked DSL which will be canceled after the cable internet is installed.

**************New Service Established: August 20, 2012 **************

Today the install occurred for the U-Voice and UVerse HSI [IP-DSL based]. This install occured about 17 days after placing the order as the techs were booked until then.The services costs was about $20 for 6 Meg internet, and $34.95 for unlimited local/long distance/ caller id etc. phone..

Some notes about the install:

The technician arrived within the time frame specified when the order was placed. The first thing that was checked was how the house wiring was setup.. where the phone outlets were etc. There was a few problems due to how the wiring was mainly as a result of someone doing a half baked effort wiring it,as it was in a loop which made it a little harder to identify which pair was the main line serving my townhouse. After that was corrected, the tech went out to the Nid to check the ADSL signal, only to find there was none!.The tech went to the remote terminal and checked the signal- of course it was working at the RT.. The tech called another tech as it was determined there was some bridge-tap and some splices in the line. The other tech come out and they toned the line from my house back to the RT.. it was later determine there were other issues with the line so they switched the pair out to a different one and were able to detect a signal at the Nid. They said there was some bridge-tap on the line- but just wanted to get the services up and running. The equipment they supplied was a Motorola NVG 510 which provides both the phone and internet services.. [I disabled the wireless and simply connected the existing wireless router with DD-WRT - I had- which also has a download meter as there is a 250 Gig download limit before paying for an overage.

Overall, the service works, however, there were a few kinks that could have been resolved prior to the install- mainly that the line [that originally would have been used] didn't work, as there was splices and other problems with it.. could have been swapped out prior to the date of the install. [Simply put: the line could have been tested/ conditioned / and in this case the pair -swapped.] The line had not been in use since at least 2006 - at least that I know of. At the end there were 3 ATT techs working on it who worked to get the service up and running.

This complete install was from about 11 AM to about 3 - 4 PM... a very long install- and I didn't have the Uverse Tv service setup.

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