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Review by lonnyb See Profile

  • Location: Dayton,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost: $135 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Access to four tuners, wireless commo between boxes"
Bad "Only one aspect at a time seems to have good access to Internet."
Overall "I'm mostly happy. But I had to go back to TWC."
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
This is a new install so I am still getting used to its features. What I mean by "four tuners" is I can record 4 shows at the same time. Or, I can record 3 shows and watch another with no problem. Both boxes in my house share the same DVR pool; this means I can watch a recorded show on either TV. My second box is wireless; so, for some insane reason, if I want to watch TV in my back yard, no problem, I may with no communication wire. Another nice feature, these boxes allow your TV to have limited access to the Internet.

The package I got (U-300) comes with a wireless router. All equipment seemed to be new from the manufacturer.

The telephone service works as well as I had expected.

I have noticed a vast reduction in bandwidth unless I am the ONLY user in my network. That includes all TV's, boxes and computers. There seems to be a bit of competition. There is, however, no competition with other users outside of my network, so the time of day does not matter.

That is all I have for now.


I had to disconnect from AT&T Uverse!! All services would shut off many days at about 0930 or so and reconnect at 1800. (This was very irritating during tax preparation time.) We decided it was a "vampire" connection. I kept calling customer service and technicians would work for a while and assure me that the problem was resolved. I think this process might have happened for 5 or so repetitions. On the last scheduled visit, I scheduled a visit for one day and the technician did not show. I called customer service to be informed that I had the wrong day. I scheduled no other visits and decided to stop service and go back to Time Warner Cable. I don't like TWC's technology as well, but at least they are reliable.

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AT&T DSL or any internet-related product sucks as hell

I have ordered u-verse internet and the person on the service line said it was available in two hours. however, it didnt work out and i had to call them back after 4 hours and talked to for mre than an hour.
at the end, what they say was that they do not know why someone said it was available in 2 hours. the fastest day to activate was about a week after. also, they wanted me to call back next day to spend my private time again.
AT&T sucks and they should go to hell.
Customer service is worse than dog crab.people speaking on the phones are not eduated well as employees and dont even know whtat they are doing.
If i have a chance to go back to time when i first talked for the activation, i would rather go to the public library and use the internet.
AT&T internet is such a garbage in many different ways such as customer services and etc.