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Review by antennaman19 See Profile

  • Location: Painesville,Lake,OH
  • Cost: $140 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Very reliable for me"
Bad "I had to pay for it"
Overall "Still a better deal for now than the competition"
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UPDATE: November 2013

Service is still rock solid. I'm off for the winter, so now NFL, NBA, and the extra movie channels are handy. I do notice some motion blur on sports-especially since I got a lot more company on the VRAD this summer. I backed the sharpness down slightly. I rarely see artifacts. My HD looks very good overall.

Got the interactive upgrade on the DVR 11/16. It took a hard reset to get it working correctly.

I replaced my Netgear. Now I have an Asus RT-N66U behind the RG. inSSIDer reports many more 2Wire and ATT SSIDs; I'm all alone on 5ghz. TWC is flooding our mail in response. Will update with any changes.

UPDATE: July2013: The promo rates ended on the June billing. I looked at the offers, and did some homework. I bit the bullet, and called the 800 number. I went through the spiel, got an overseas CSR. She played hardball, some nickel-and-dime offers. No thanks. Called one more time. I got a US call center. I told the menu "retentions"; I was connected to Dave. We made some small talk, explained that while the service was great, I couldn't shoulder the non-promo price.

He threw a figure out there that sounded good. He then explained the promo upgrade. Now on U-300 till July 2014. Non promo-$191, new rate $145.

UPDATE: Feb. 2013

Good: Still reliable.

Bad: Paying regular rate for U 200- ($74 + $10 for HD) but no ETF and a $200 gift card. Did that so I could pull the plug at any time if I decide it isn't worth it. Month-to Month on TV. Internet speed tier promo up at end of May. Will go back down to 12/1.5 unless I get a sweet retention deal. Don't know why I keep the VoIP.

UPDATE: Install for U-200 on Thursday 2/7/2013. I chose the 11a-1p window. My installer arrived about 12:15. He had already checked the lines and confirmed the readings. I showed him where everything was, and he got to work. It only would have taken an hour if the first box worked. I lucked out and got the smaller black one with the larger hard drive!

Basically, it was hook up a good, working box, let it upgrade the firmware, retrieve the channel listings, and the rest was programming my tv's code to the remote, and a detailed demonstration with Q and A. He was out in maybe less than 2 hours. Pretty quick, definitely painless. The HD looks good so far. I have only 1 TV being fed, so maybe I have plenty of bandwith (overhead?) to play with.

I have 2 options available (serious options-not counting Clearwire)- T and TW. I was already a T customer, so I was doing the homework and waiting for the local VRAD to

get lit up. In late 2010, my next-door neighbor subscribed to U-verse. I checked my availability- no dice. I requested a DSL speed upgrade from 3 to 6. The order was processed; my line wouldn't support an increase.

My next step was to complain to customer service. An engineer was sent out to check out the neighborhood. I was now getting mailers and such, but not green yet. I

raised a very small stink about it. In late 2011-early 2012, I started to get mailers again. I saw installation crews and work being done on the cabinets near my house.

I started doing my homework again. I chose an internet/phone bundle. I didn't have an HDTV yet, and heard there were issues with HD quality at the time.

I placed an online order about May 28, 2012. I made some phone calls for informational purposes before then; maybe about 2 weeks earlier, to check on the wait

times for a new install. I was told a few days to a week. When I made my online order on a Monday, the install was scheduled for Thursday. A couple of follow-up e-mails and phone calls happened; I told the CSR that I would be working that day and wouldn't be back till about 4-4:30. I had a relative waiting on the tech. I got a call the day before; I was given the prem tech's name and told it would be an afternoon slot.

On install day, the prem tech called me to tell me when he was on his way. This was about 1 PM. My relative called me about 1:45 to tell me he was there. The tech got on the phone. He asked my permission to run new wiring into the living room. We discussed that my preferred route was going to be more difficult to wire. The new route was a lot shorter. He also mentioned that I was going to have an iNID (i3812v) on the side of the house.

I got home at about 4:30. I met the prem tech. The outside tech was there also. We talked in the driveway. I was told that my numbers looked pretty good for about 3,200 feet out. My downstream numbers could support TV if I wanted it in the future. We went inside, and I chose a computer to work with. I quickly logged into the interface while he was there, and we confirmed the service was working. I also set up the wifi on the gateway, and we made sure it was all good. I told him I would set my own router up behind it. I asked all the right questions, thanks to the U-verse forum here.

He appreciated that I had done my homework.

He cleaned up some wiring, made sure the phone was operational, showed me the battery backup unit, left me his number and some info and headed out.

I quickly downloaded U-verse Realtime, and confirmed speed of 18/1.5, with a promo to bump up from 12/1 for a year. The internet was down to $29.95/mo , with the phone being about $35 monthly. With taxes and fees, about 78 dollars a month-down from about $90 on 3.0/384 DSL and POTS.

The ordering experience was easier than expected. The install was butter. I expected some surprises, as my home is about 50+ years old. No problems; very little mess, services are rock-solid. The caller ID is somewhat tempermental, and there is an outbound caller ID block that causes me to push *82 before I dial someone I really want to call. I check on the TV promos regularly. I may jump on the $200 gift card in December. I can't fathom why the TV is going to about double my rate (for U-200-NFL Network, of course). Will update as I make changes, or at the 1-year mark.

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West Palm Beach, FL

It's all about the install.

If you have a good install tech who knows what they're doing your uverse should be flawless.
I have the 12 /3.0 package no TV no problems at all great.
Did I mention this is with pair bonding

CAT 5 install INID to router. NO PNA.

Painesville, OH

Re: It's all about the install.

Agreed. 2 for 2 on good techs who knew their stuff. I put a new DD-WRT firmware on my Netgear router while the install was going on; I had to reset the gateway, my router, and one of the computers. The hiccups went away. All is good.