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Review by ymhee_bcex See Profile

  • Location: Tarzana,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 25 days
Good "Voice quality with third party VOIP provider better than cable"
Bad "Gateway (modem) outdated; support incompetent"
Overall "decide for yourself, what's important"
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Initial review - January, 2013

I had internet from Time Warner for 5 years. However, it looks like my voice communications (Voipo, Google Voice, my home PBX) all suffered all suffered poor voice quality. So, I tried AT&T U-Verse. The price is about the same. Voice quality notably improved.

The installation was terribly mis-coordinated. It was scheduled for 3 weeks ahead (strange, but OK). I got the gateway in mail (from 2Wire, which is now acquired by Pace, and you can't find manuals for this thing. Also, the device is huge). On the day of installation got a call from field tech that everything is connected, and I can go ahead. Well, it wasn't. First, support guy said that they didn't update the system, and I should try next morning. Next morning it still wasn't working, and they had to dispatch another field tech. The guy came within an hour (nice!) and fixed everything. I have no idea what the first guy did since AT&T box was actually inside my garage.

The bigger problem is what I see with DSL equipment in general. The gateway includes router and wireless that can't be turned off. Wireless is b/g and the signal is dead beyond 10ft (literally, I am not exaggerating). And the wired router is 100Mbs, which is slow for streaming HD video to the TV. So, I had to reconfigure my router to be an Access Point. For some people it's not a big deal (using built-in router, that is; reconfiguring is *always* big deal). But I had advanced functionality on the router that I was using, so using crippled built-in router is quite annoying.

That said, voice quality improved significantly, so until Time Warner makes the fixes, I am stuck with AT&T

=== Update: December 25, 2013 ===

It has been a year, and "1-year promotion" was over. I called AT&T Customer Retention department and asked if they wanted to keep me as a customer. They certainly did! They (1) extended $30/mo price for another year; (2) doubled the bandwidth for this price; and (3) the technician came *the next business day* and replaced the modem with 5031NV.

I can't find a manual for 5031, there is no way to *really* turn off the router on it - but at least it gives decent wireless signal.

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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse

If internet only...

There is a U-Verse Internet Only Modem Only device out there, as long as you do not have a Static IP Block on your account. The Motorola/Arris 2310 is a single pair VDSL2 "modem only" device, no wireless, and minimal if no router functionality.

That being said, if you use the 2Wire/Pace's "DMZ+" mode, and plug in a 3rd party router to the 2Wire/Pace, it will pass the Public IP to that device, and you can also disable the 2Wire/Pace's WiFi as well. No, it is not a true "bridge mode" but it does get fairly close, functionality wise

Tarzana, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: If internet only...

On first point, it is probably geography-specific. At least I asked very specifically for a modem like that (although, I didn't mention a specific model by name, since I obviously didn't know about it) - and the guy who seemed very knowledgeable said that they didn't have a residential gateway like that and the best way is to put a router in DMZ (similar to what you are describing)

On your second point there is a looooong (18-page long) thread on AT&T forum: » ··· /2707755 Some of the questions are really clueless; but the main point is exactly the same. For me it is occasionally not good enough - I am setting up and testing IP phone and "double-NATting" (that is, two different network segments) introduces another variable into the picture that I'd rather not have.

But I learned to live with it for the last year...
Technical problems are more often than not management incompetence masquerading as technical issues