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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $123 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Nothing"
Bad "They don't care about you as a customer, just your money; TV affects internet speed; they charge you for their mistakes"
Overall "Do not get AT&T, they are horrible."
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AT&T U-verse TV & Internet is the worst service I have had. After two and a half months, I learned today that I am unable to use my own modem. On three separate occasions AT&T customer service representatives told me that there was absolutely no reason that I couldn't use my own equipment. So I am now facing paying a termination fee because AT&T could not be honest upfront and tell me that I could not use my own equipment. Thank you, AT&T for lying to me on three separate occasions. Not only did you neglect to tell me I could not use my own equipment, but you actually told me the complete and absolute opposite of that. My experience has deterred me from ever being an AT&T customer again for the sole reason that I cannot fathom having to deal with them ever again; I absolutely hate AT&T.

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lodged 1.4 years ago