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Review by Stellar9 See Profile

  • Location: West Sacramento,Yolo,CA
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "it Works"
Bad "Horrible customer service since day 1"
Overall "dissapointing experience"
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01/11/13: I signed up for a TV-Uverse + internet, a $59/month promotion which included 2 waived wireless TV receivers along with the activation fee waived as well. At least this is what the ATT rep offered me. However once I got the service and was able to log in to my account, the bill was nearly $100 for the monthly service. According to the order nothing had been waived. They were charging me for the receivers, activation fee, modem. Just about the total opposite from what I've been promised by the sales rep. 18 days later the 1st bill went up to 152.00 and it seems that I'm still paying for the activation fee. Pro-rated it should've come at about $100 for the initial bill. But not 152.00.

The installers also showed up an hour late for the install appointment. They were scheduled for 11-3pm, yet showed up at 4:30pm and stayed until 8:30pm.

Update 02/05/13 : this deal is getting worse all the time

I called to have them remove "the movie package" which I had not asked for but somehow magically appeared on my bill. I specifically asked the rep not to add any new services and to remove HBO and Cinemax promotions which I did not want either. After confirming and checking the removal of the services I was told that I was upgraded to 18.0mpbs internet which wasn't the 3.0mpbs bundled package i signed up for originally. The rep who removed the extras mentioned above, told me that there was an 18.0mbps upgrade promotion available. But I declined her offer with a resounding NO THANK YOU. But I saw that I was upgraded regardless.

Update 02/05/13 : Called up again to have the 18.0mbps upgrade removed. This time around I asked to be transferred to a supervisor to complaint about this whole ordeal. Things are back to normal for the time being. The initial pro-rated bill and monthly charges look how they're supposed to.

I may go with DISH TV for TV and att (or cable) for internet only after this contract expires in a year. But I'm not going back to uverse-tv/internet bundle unless I move to an area where I have no other choices. ATT customer service, billing department and sales department are just getting worse, and I personally would not want to go through this again. I don't have any particular complaint about the service once it's up and running. The TV and internet works fine.

Update 03/26/13: Billing now seems to reflect exactly what I signed up for. So I'm happy with my account.

However, now I have a new problem at my mother's apartment ( a different at&t install)

3 months after her working install, out of the blue it seems her modem isn't syncing up anymore. She's been without service for a week now. They've sent the techs out to her building and they claim that the problem is on the central office side but the CO claims there's something wrong with the lines on the building, even though there are several people on her building that have at&t and haven't experienced any problem.

If this doesn't get fixed in a week I'd be posting another review on her behalf. This is f*cking ridiculous.

Update 03/28/13: My mom it seems had a better experience regarding this tech issue with at&t. The at&t reps admitted there was a problem on their side that messed up the install. After the tech guy from the central office fixed a problem outside the building, the modem synced up right away. at&t called my mom every 2 hours to update her on the status of the repair. It took a fair amount of coordination between technicians it seems. While I was there for a bit they had sent two techs out. At the end of the day her service was back and At&t did credit her account with a free month for the week lost without service so she was happy about that. You win this round att, no new negative review for you.

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Are these innocent "mistakes" or something else.

You have to wonder sometimes, because if the CSR is poorly trained it is EASIER for them to do NOTHING (as in not adding other products ) than it is to try and add things.

Something is fishy if what you have said is exactly as it happened.

Sacramento, CA

Re: Are these innocent "mistakes" or something else.

I really don't know. I won't make any assumptions either. I think their sales department have grown more pushy and annoying and their CSR more inept over the years. I've been an AT&T customer off and on during the last 9 years or so for internet service alone (not TV) and aside for a few quibbles regarding installation I never had any other issues. Not this bad anyhow.

I completely lost my marbles when I found out I was upgraded to 18mbps. this after I explicitly told the rep that after all the negative experiences I had regarding their "promotions" I was very adamant about accepting the 18mpbs promotional upgrade, or any other promotion of any kind, I flat out declined her offer yet they upgraded me anyhow.

uverse tech
I have to say as a prem tech, you people have no sense. We work 10-12 hrs a day and can't control these appt times. As for cust service, I know they suck cause we have to deal with them as well.
Uverse is a phenomenal system but needs to be installed by a experienced tech for it to work as advertised.
Go easy on the tech who doesn't show up when you want simply because he was dealing with a unappreciative cust before you. Also, if he finishes at 8pm, just realize he just worked a 12 hr day and wants to get the hell home and enjoy a hr of free time before he goes to bed and starts it all over again.

Roseville, MI

Re: Are these innocent "mistakes" or something else.

This sort of proves the guys issue with your company. Sure, maybe you worked all day, but you are the face of the company and your very late.