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  • Location: San Francisco,San Francisco,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "people do call back"
Bad "It's fiber optic; not available in this area and incorrectly installed. 3 times"
Overall "After 40+ years of reasonable happiness, I now hate AT&T"
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So far, we have, theoretically, at least, had Uverse for 10 days. For the first three, we had neither Uverse nor our old DSL service nor home phone service. I hate this and I don't anticipate that the problems will be resolved because, from att's point of view, there's no reason to resolve the problem once the sale has been made.

This has been a disaster from the start. I didn't write the order incorrectly; an AT&T employee did that. At the time Uverse was installed, I asked about connecting the wireless printer and was told it wasn't an issue. Pursuing this with AT&T technical support resulted in being told the printer -- purchased new six months ago -- was obsolete and that it was not att's problem.

Having been forced to move to Uverse by AT&T, I have gone, in less than a month, from being a relatively happy customer to hating AT&T with all my heart. Great marketing and customer service, folks!

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

can't say if uverse is good or bad it won't stay up long eno

for the last several months since i "upgraded" from ATT dsl to u-verse it will not stay up for any extended time period. over a dozen calls to call center, 5 techs have come out, no resolution. they have changed routers 3 times and rewired(at my expense) twice. one tech put a dsl phone filter on the router and said my line could not support over 0.05 kbps, it said it was impossible. I told him I had 1.5 mbps dsl since 1995 and have upgraded to their fastest speeds at every step and he told me this was impossible. I removed his filter and got 18mbps. the next to last tech said my speed was too fast and slowed me down to 12mbps, now it is slower and unreliable still. a "manager" said I would get a 50% discount for missing 5 days of work for them not fixing it and yet when my next bill came, even though my speed was cut, my bill went up 25%. I have had the same email addresses for my home and business for over 2 decades but am now shopping to quit. Another tech came out yesterday and said an INIC would solve my problem but his manager said it won't and refuses to install one. AT&T is the worst possible both technically and (lack of) service wise.

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Granite City, IL

Re: can't say if uverse is good or bad it won't stay up long eno

We can work on this if you wish... send me an email (click my name at left) for info or post in our direct forum.


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Granite City, IL
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usually wireless printers

Just need to be reconfigured for the new modem or if you have a router you like, just use your router behind the Uverse modem and continue on.

How I did my network was (uverse/dsl modem)--->DMZ/passthru/bridge--->hotbrick (dual wan)------>devices (iphones, wifi printer, etc..

That might be easier to accomplish and do.
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Fremont, OH

Re: usually wireless printers

My wireless printer (Samsung CLP-315W) connects just like any other wireless device.