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Review by friedjulie See Profile

  • Location: Dallas,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $159 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "I was happy to be a beta test for ATT Uverse in my neighborhood. We got to try the DVR service, whole home, wireless..."
Bad "7 Years later my service is 5x slower, and they don't have a tech that knows how to fix it."
Overall "RUN!!!! Far and fast."

I consider every option. It is my professional job, and my job as a consumer. I am now considering ANYTHING outside of ATT.

I pay a premium price for internet for my home. Over $150 per month. I am supposed to get 24/3. I am lucky to get 3/2. A tiny portion is the TV service, which they seem to always have a promo for.

My service was initially installed 7 years ago. It was painfully lengthy. Onsite techs for 18 hours while we were trying to move in!

7 years later I have spent over 50 hours THIS WEEK trying to get close to what I pay for.

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Miami Beach, FL


Run, but where to ? To the ridiculously over priced cable? T the jittery satellite? We are in the land of near broadband monopoly.

Before things will change.....

Run to the "door" the ONLY way things will change in this environment is for subscribers to cancel service in massive numbers...if enough folks tell these greedy, profiteering, and customer unfriendly corporations to pound salt, they will get the message.

The only thing these companies understand is NOT getting ANY of your money.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

always happy to work on this.

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