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Review by billsplivens See Profile

  • Location: Gainesville,Hall,GA
  • Cost: $139 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "works at speed you purchase with good external/internal install."
Bad "Calling for account changes."
Overall "OK until you need to speak with person !"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Been all pretty good for 3.5 years, almost 1st user when ATT installed fiber at entrance of subdivision. Now prices at least 15% higher and just found out more price increase in March 2013. If I continue service will remove 1 TV box to keep same price. Now on month to month contract. Not using HD on this account. Maybe 1 or 2 times per month will get pixel problems for few minutes. Have experienced 2 area outages for several hours each that was a total offline.
Internet at 18 download & 1.5 upload, wish upload was 3+ for external access.
Have tested several times and usually 16.5+ down with 1.4 up reported at typical less than 10% packet loss. A lot of issues can affect these speed test internally & externally.
Just replaced 2 remotes, $20 each added to bill. I asked for new model wireless router since 3.5 years old, $159 + contract renew and change to IPphone! NO WAY !
Been trying to change account to my SSN instead of Xwife. After 4 calls & 5 people and 3 supervisors still not done(9 hours on ATT cell phone). So far everyone agree that account should have been changed since correct procedure was done online with PIN and both party sign. ATT runs credit report and all OK, BUT NO we can not explain why account not changed but yet I have new account number that is inactive with no service address. Everything still works in old account setup & login.
1 good thing I can comment on is the CISCO wireless router(2009 version) is very configurable for external access to your FTP & DMZ needs, ATT will update firmware and not tell you & firewall capability is pretty good. I turned off wireless to use my own WAP.
The UVerse iPhone app works great if really need that capability.
Probably on iPad alot more useful.
Depending on how ATT proceeds with account change, next week I might be back with Comcast or Charter cable and have faster service at less cost for at least 2 years. DOCSIS 3.0 has some serious speed that I could use.
ATT wants me to get new contract with IPphone & bundle ATT cell to same account ! What a nightmare that would be if had problem with account I am trying to get service changed to ! This really sounds great but very bad when ATT agent mess your account up then you have to call so many times to explain the same thing over & over again.

In only took 9 months(FEB to NOV2013) to get change done to my SSN only as new account number.
Then ATT did NOT turn OFF the analog charges after AUG 2013 disconnect, OCT 2013 before ATT fixed.
Now on 24meg down/3meg up for internet & Uverse & Phone.

Cost ATT $1200 in rebates and cards to finally satisfy me.
Could have been ZERO cost to ATT, If done their job with out the 40+ phone call complaints and re-inform not finished.

Basically the people you talk with on phone seem to be very helpful & nice.
I can NOT name one of them(I have 21 names) that actually done their job CORRECT.
CORRECT meaning : when i had to call back, was always told previous person did NOT finish ticket/form/etc......

GOOD LUCK talking with these people.
DO THIS : get name & supervisor name when you call for anything.
Keep excellent record of call time and purpose.
You might be surprised how many times you get to call back !
ATT will pay for their inability to finish job first time !

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