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Review by scordo17 See Profile

  • Location: Cromwell,Middlesex,CT
  • Cost: $83 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 22 days
Good "Rock solid since proper install, good value for $$ so far, faster than DSL"
Bad "Initial install was delayed several times, first install was terrible and unprofessional"
Overall "Still a good option if you don't want to want Comcast"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've had AT&T DSL Elite (6.0) since 2007 and decided that I needed more speed both up and down. Was hearing that U-Verse was deployed in my town, but every time I checked the site it said it wasn't available for my address. I was about to go to Comcast but I called AT&T one more time and asked them to check. Seemed that everyone else on my street was eligible, but my address was coming up bad. They did some research and I got an e-mail a week later saying that it was now available. When ahead and ordered 18/1.5 Mbps and 2 phone lines on their site on 12/23(no TV).

My initial install date was about 10 days after my order, but it kept getting pushed back and the website was not offering me any additional information. I needed to call sales several times to find out that they needed to do line work on my street and that work had to happen before my install. Install finally happened about 10 days after the initial date.

The install happened on a day when I had to go out of town. I explained to the tech where I wanted the router and how I wanted the phone lines configured, then left while my wife was home for him to finish. The installer ended up being there for 6(!) hours and ended up doing a terrible job. He only wired the 2 phone lines to one room (bypassing all of the existing wiring in the house), and he decided to leave the router sitting on a shelf (on it's side) in my garage instead of installing in my office as I had asked (and I was charged $99 for this install). Unacceptable. When I got home I was furious, and called tech support to see how fast they could get someone competent out here to fix the install. Spoke with a great phone tech guy over the weekend and he got a tech person out on a Sunday to install the router properly.

Since the install, service has been very solid. I wasn't happy with the speed of the wireless on the gateway (3800 I think), so I put my N router back inline and it's been really pretty good since then. I'm pretty sure I've been up >99.5% since my install. Overall, it's been a good option, and much faster than my DSL. Will get more expensive after my promos expire, but good for the money now, and less than I was paying for DSL and one POTS line before.

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