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Review by Myhrddin See Profile

  • Location: Beaumont,Jefferson,TX
  • Cost: $61 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 60 days
Good "That's yet to be determined. I'm getting closer to the right bandwidth."
Bad "I've had to adjust my router several times, lost uverse phone a couple of times too and sketchy dns connections"
Overall "Its costing more so far than what its supposed to and a bit flaky."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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Since I'd just purchased a DSL modem, the U-Verse one & installation were both supposed to be waived. (After 2 hours on the phone arranging all of this). My first install date got cancelled with no notice to me. I finally called them when there were 2 hours left and found out it had been cancelled.

Another week later, someone did show up and "we" got it going. Since the installer had no real knowledge of how to set it up with an existing router, I did the local setup and he did the server provisioning for my phone etc.

Turned out that the 2nd work order dropped the waived install fees and even now, I'm still going to pay the taxes and fees even though they are crediting back the install fee. Why could they not FIX the damn bill? Then the taxes, which they will now pocket, would have come off completely.

I get so tired of all the time it takes dealing with AT&T to get my account with what I want, configured the way I want it at a reasonable price. Reasonable, not globally but, in my area of Texas (maybe).

You can't send a message to them now. You can't keep your old log-in account. I changed back to ATT in 2003 to get DSL and now I'm a customer with no history prior to Feb 2013. Pisses me off.

This better get made right by me or I can fight equally well with another provider for lousy USA internet. *laughing* Really though, I've been dealing with them for several months trying to have a phone, no long distance needed, with touch tone and caller id and internet.

You'd think I was asking for bigfoot with a cherry on top. When the only people you can even speak with have such limited capacity to repair or even find answers to queries like .. How did my order get cancelled?

Oh, love having changed now to a mandatory 4 digit security code when for 10 years I used a 7 digit one. I feel so much more secure.

I'll try to follow up with (hopefully) some good news about this fiasco coming together and someone being able to actually make right a mess they so easily create (at my expense, of course).

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Clarkston, MI


You can't change their DHCP'ed DNS but if you run an internal wireless network set your own internal DNS to Google, and not only will DNS be an order of magnitude faster it will never fail.
Ive done this since the last major ATT DNS outage in 2011 and have never looked back. YMMV.


Beaumont, TX

Re: Flaky ATT DNS

Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to give it a go with google's dns and see how it compares to the opendns .. I figure either one is going to be better than the u-verse one.

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