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Review by Kiwi See Profile

  • Location: USA/MidWest
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $80 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Realiable, reasonable price for business class."
Bad "Slow service plan "
Overall "What counts is reliability and AT&T does deliver that."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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Various reviews over the years and multiple ISP's since the advent of high speed 1200baud rate

Aristotle was hard to beat with 1G/1G, while Dallas and the crew were there, using Earthlink, which left us all holding an empty bag of zero's. Now using AT&T, which I have not had since comparing them and cable around 2000.

One thing about AT&T, they may be consistently slow, but they are reliable and many understand how important that is. Averaging around 9meg, with a service of 12meg -But, I'm a couple of miles from the sweet spot. It does get under my skin that less than 800 yards away is a Uverse sweet spot I can't have because the line runs the wrong way. Living in a historic district has it's downsides with any service; we are always LAST on any service update list, regardless of what it is.

I'm happy to have a solid connection though and will not complain about pricing for a business line at all, $40 a month is ridiculously low. I'm used to $80's + and cable was $200. I'm hoping AT&T upgrades the area so that I can also get TV and will be more than happy to pay for the service; I have never, ever been a grinch when it comes to paying for broadband, I use it more than anything else PC related -So, I'm willing to pay. I have now had service a full month.

After getting service, which was delayed due to the software mishap for a week, I'm fairly content, I know the line can handle a much better connection speed (Aristotle/Earthlink) but AT&T is slow [Years] to upgrade hardware.

If there is a con, it has to be contacting AT&T -It's entirely setup for cell phone wireless customers ONLY and is horrific to get past. However the results have been great in terms of results. AT&T will not leave you hanging without a service like Comcast will.

Update April 26th, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied.
UPDATE Oct/Nov, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied. Would still like full Uverse services (TV), however doubt that will ever happen.
Pleased to continue with AT&T.

UPDATE 03/15/2014 ---Business line
I'm patient when treated well.
Mid January a tree limb dropped all lines to the house, all were fixed, but continued to have issues with Uverse internet.
As it happens AT&T are prompt and the tech team fast to reply and for that I'm grateful enough to hang in. I have had all sorts of tech visits since having the line replaced, cat5 inside, new modem, new ground and even a new drop --In spite of that on a 12meg line I was getting 1100 baud rate [.45] Fast forward to today. The strange thing was although there was a lot of noise the line gave 10/.900 for around 4 to 6 hours after a Tech left and then dropped dead again.

Allen (Roy) came out, it was pretty easy to see he was committed to resolving the problem and did! Now here is the catch, lines running from the box on the pole (street) had a boot spike through the middle (half way up the pole), the lines it seems touched enough with a wind to provide a connection (They really were broken in half) almost like working with WIFI 1/8 inch apart.
Nobody can tell me these lines can't take abuse. KUDO's to Allen.

AT&T continue to treat customers well with regard internet issues and in spite of this difficult to discern problem, still came through.

Update 11/22/2014.
I won't hold my breathe for the Politics of broadband to end in the next decade, meanwhile the struggle between consumers and broadband providers are at odds.
AT&T remains stable compared to the only other option, Comcast in this area. It's unique in that Comcast and Bank of America hold the distain of the majority of their customers, neither need people to work for them as the results are worse than having an automated response regardless of the issues. Arkansas remains the bastard child regards servicing broadband, along with a few other Southern States.

Added another Uverse business line 6mgsec /700kbsec to the account of 12mgsec /1mgsec because if two devices were hooked, not much chance off a functional internet connect. I require an uninterrupted VPN access, for work.

The added line resulted in 5.5mgsec / 356kbsec and a slight increase on the 12/1 account 10.5mgsec / 1mgsec. I'm not complaining based on the 3,800' distance from the CO. Basically in my area that means more than 1,200 potential customers for greater than 18mgsec service just waiting, perhaps in the next decade, maybe not. It's an Historic area, simply put the lowest 'Pawns' in the city for service because of an upgrade need, upgrades simply don't ever happen. Comcast serves the area no better with 50mgsec which is approximately 20% over provisioned for service, can't go over 25mgsec without constant interruptions. One day an ISP will allow Americans to join the economic powers of the remaining World consumers in establishing reasonable ecommerce. The truth is providers are trying to push customers on to the ridiculously priced LTE service.

Out of the services available at least AT&T is prompt, trouble free and does not incur that terrible practice of twice a year price jumps, with no change in service.
Thanks goes out to the prompt lineman who replaced a pole to pole broken wire bundle and Joey for the hookup.

$45 Line one
$35 Line two.


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San Jose, CA

Had SDSL at 1G/1G, on (what became) U-Verse lines?

Guess you meant 1Mbps/1Mbps; else it was FTTP or FTTC (very short copper length before fiber interface) not SDSL.

Recent variants of SDSL I believe don't exceed 5/5Mbps even when using two pairs.



too big or we're just too small

From one problem to the next ATT is what is wrong when large companies crush small ones to take over a market. What ever happened to all those neighborhood internet providers.

First to go is customer service, though they always say (from a script I'd imagine) when answering the call "i'm sorry your having problems today, how can i help you"... they have no actual care or sincerity in the statement and it literally sounds like they are reading it word for word.

All one needs to do is call them with a problem to find you'd be transferred minimum 4 times, go through about 3 of those with a machine that doesn't understand a word you're saying and only in the end to be told, "I'm sorry but that falls under our charge for service" department, I will transfer you now"... then the rep answering the phone (though all very nice) will tell you that they really don't know about that problem and will be happy to break out the manual to troubleshoot with you. All while you're getting charged now for support for equipment you're already paying for to work...

I find it also curious that ATT on their main site will display positive 4 star customer feedback, but there is absolutely no where to create or provide customer feedback. Are those posts simply fake? Class action suit to follow soon...

Does anyone have statistics on how often those computer answering services really work? 2% of the time? less?

In just a little under 6 months we've had multiple problems with ATT Uverse, our TV service goes on/off randomly, our internet is just "ok" and not something i'd recommend to anyone. Our billing is HIGH (actually through the roof, normally customer service is good to be honest but the constant "I'm sorry" seems placating and not sincere at all and actually getting through to customer service is harder than washing a cat. Every transfer (and you will be guaranteed minimum 3) results in a computer system that can not understand a thing you are saying and a rep that wants all your account information again and again and again (the machine tries to get it as well) and in the end will say "I'm sorry your experiencing this problem let me transfer you to our specialist. Is there every really a specialist? Let's take a look at what this customer service team org chart must look like;

machine - "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "I'm sorry I'm having difficulty, I'll transfer you now" (isn't maybe just 2x enough to warrant a transfer to a person and what ever happens to the immediate opt-out option "representative please".)

- receptionist (has a list of departments to transfer you to only - don't get too excited you talking to a real person yet - in some cases I'm still not sure they are human or maybe it's just that they don't speak my language very well...) "hi, can I have your account and billing information please", "I'm sorry you're having difficulty, how can I help you". "I'm sorry that's not something I can help you with, let me transfer you to the right department". (right before they transfer you they always ask "Is there something else I can help you with before I transfer you")

- dept 1 (say tech support) Machine 2 "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "I'm sorry I'm having difficulty, I'll transfer you now"

- tech receptionist ("what is your account information, what is the problem you're experiencing, sorry that's not something I can help you with, I'll transfer you now, is there anything else I can help you with before I transfer you)

- customer service "tech support 1" (I'm sorry you're having these problems let me get some information about your account up on my computer... "what is your account #, What is the problem you are experiencing..., that must me very frustrating, I'm going to help you right now..., it appears your problem requires a "specialist", we're going to get you help immediately, I'll transfer you now to our paid services department") WHAT?

- specialist 1 (vague description/title - "Master Techster" of ATT&T), "I'm sorry your experiencing these problems, can you provide me your account information please.... please give me a minute to look that up". "i'm sorry i'm not familiar with this problem but I'm going to try to help you". (what! I thought this was the specialist). "I'm going to escalate this to our supreme support team please hold".

- god team, "Hi, very sorry your experiencing these problems how can I help you"... (finally you're thinking I'm here, I can now get help, you take a breath, your heart slows a bit, you can again feel your fingertips as you relax them on the phone, and patiently with anxious gitty excitement in a trembling voice you ask)

"How do I reset my router password"

hmmmmmm, so this is the future of customer service as it would appear.

Not that this rant matters much in persuading the masses from switching back to small hungry and motivated local business services as they are a long gone market sector and unfortunately it's highly unlikely any of the other carriers are much better, ATT very well might be the "best of the worst" in service and support. But its a good example of what not to do if you own/manage a business and want to keep your customers.