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Review by Stumbles See Profile

  • Location: Port Saint Lucie,Saint Lucie,FL
  • Cost: $63 per month
Good "Internet connectivity is reliable enough."
Bad "The video quality for HD is just not that good."
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Currently have their Max Turbo (Internet only) which costs $63.00 but I get a $15.00 promotional credit making it $48.00.

We did have the TV side of it but just wasn't satisfied with the HD quality. Not that we had any subscribed HD channels. They on occasion would enable some of them to entice us but was not impressed.

For the internet side of it their reliability is not any worse than other providers I have had.

The initial ordering and install was without issue.

They have replaced the gateway twice because its wifi kept dropping out and it still does. Haven't bothered to call them a third time and switched to using my own router for the wifi side of things. Frankly I think their gateway is a POS and Cisco should be ashamed and embarrassed.

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att uverse tv

very disappointed n the service and what really makes it so bad to where I'm shaking my head is that i,'m lock in on a contract, they automatically will retrieve payments from my account, they misrepresented themselves to pull the fees that they r going to receive. And lastly they mention to me if I gave a bad opinion it would reflect on the young who was n training. I was set up for seven TV's and actuality they knew ur company knew u only can run four after u equip my home w/7. I can only use 2 but being charge for 7. Don't need ur favorite word of " sorry" or " frustrated"....all I ask is for ur company to b HONEST and STOP THE GREED

Port Saint Lucie, FL
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: att uverse tv

I would dearly love to dump U-verse but my options are limited, Comcast is the other choice.

Anyone in the St. Lucie area know of other options? I would just prefer to have a symmetrical dumb pipe, something around 24mb or even 18 would sufficient.